Euthanasia at Wikipedia

Voluntary Euthanasia –  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy sets out five individually necessary conditions for anyone to be a candidate

Physician Assisted Death from The Hastings Center, an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute founded in 1969 focused on  fundamental ethical issues of health, medicine, and the environment as they affect individuals, communities, and societies

Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die (2011) – In Choosing to Die on BBC2, the author Sir Terry Pratchett went to Switzerland to witness the assisted suicide of a British man with motor neurone disease.  It was not just Sir Terry who watched Peter Smedley’s final moments – the viewer had a front-row seat as well.

Sir Terry Pratchett, who has Alzheimer’s disease, is an advocate for assisted suicide in Britain, and said witnessing a death had not changed his opinion.

The organisation Dignitas provides this end of life service in a building surrounded by industrial units – where foreigners are helped to die. Swiss citizens can drink the lethal dose they provide in their own homes.

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