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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 1,359 total)
Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 1,359 total)
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Forums and people to chat with whether contemplating suicide, surviving suicide or grieving a loss from the suicide of another.

The Alliance of Hope Forum: a healing place for those grieving loss to suicide

The Depression Forums – A Depression & Mental Health Social Community Support Group

Veterans Crisis Line Website/Chat

Suicide Grief Support Forum – Information and support for those touched by suicide
“I Attempted Suicide” Forum & Chat Board

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12 thoughts on “Suicide Forums, Chats, Help

  1. joy

    I just to be free and die

  2. joy

    I just want to be free and die

  3. pk

    i can’t understand why people want to live, why they don’t die . i want to die . every body should die why they a re struggling . no life no pain why these fools understand such a simple thing. the only reason is FEAR OF UNBEARABLE PAIN WHILE KILLING ONESELF. PLEASE GIVE STRENGHT AND MOTIVATION TO DIE, TO KILL MYSELF . I ALSO WANT TO KILL EVERY BODY BE IT ANY ONE VERY SHORTLY I WILL KILL SOMEONE

    • jake

      I totally agree but you should only kill yourself not anyone else.

  4. Sg

    I’m not worthless, but not functional. I hate everybody.

    • Bea

      This is exactly how I feel.

  5. Cheslyn

    Hello all your beautiful people
    You are worthwhile and if you feel you need a friend email me at
    I will listen or just or help any which way I can …. Remember you are worthwhile and someone cares (me)

  6. Mary

    What’s the point in living when everything is so dark? All this shit and I don’t want to deal with anything anymore. I hope it works.

    • MrNoBody

      What’s the point in dying, when everything is even darker??.. Xx

  7. vito

    I just don’t know. I just don’t know.

  8. cris

    I don’t see the point of living with so much pain but I seem to be stuck here. Not only do I fail at life but I even fail at taking my own life. I’ve tried more than 15 times and I’m still here. I tried different ways and I’m still here. It’s not like anyone would miss me. If they felt anything they would be happy I was gone. I just want to die

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