Suicide Methods – With so many methods of suicide, they are a real example of how grotesque human creativity can really be.

Below are some of the more common methods of suicide.

  • Gun Shot

    A gun shot is thought to be the most common and effective way to commit suicide, and accounts for 53.7% of all suicides in the United States.

    The most common target to shoot is through the head to the brain or the heart, at point-blank range. Sometimes an attempt is made to shoot under the chin and through the mouth.

    Shooting is not a fail-safe method. When a the gun shot method is unsuccessful, there is the huge chance of permanent damage to the body or brain.

    If the gun is aimed at the temporal bone (the lower side of the skull), there is a 50% chance of suffering facial nerve damage if the shot is survived.

    Choosing to commit suicide by a gun shot could fail for the following reasons:

    • Poor aim (the heart and brain are more difficult to hit than many people think, as the bullet can pass through the temples without actually hitting the brain, and the heart is protected by the ribcage)
    • Flinching can also cause one to miss the vital body parts needed to end ones life
    • Poor ammunition such as badly manufactured or old bullets can contribute to surviving the gunshot and instead lead to nasty wounding
  • Drug Overdose

    Another very common method of suicide attempts is by consuming large amounts of drugs and alcohol. This is usually attempted by mixing different types of medication together, and ingesting them along with alcohol or illegal drugs to create a deadly combination.

    Despite being a common method of attempted suicide, the method itself is not reliable. Naturally, it depends on the type of drugs one chooses, but the overall success rate of taking a fatal overdose is estimated at less than 2%. Success from drug induced suicide is 40 to 1 against. Usually, attempts at taking a fatal overdose use over-the-counter or prescribed medications, and it is the more common method chosen when suicide is assisted (euthanasia). In the UK, data from the Office for National Statistics for 2001showed that of 1,243 drug related suicides, 28.5% were due to paracetamol and its compounds, and 24.5% were by anti-depressants, making these the top two methods. In the US the story is the same.

    A common drug used for attempted suicides is sleeping tablets. Decades ago barbiturates were prescribed for sleep, it was possible to overdose on them. Although barbiturates can be highly lethal, they are now rarely prescribed, and extremely difficult to obtain. Barbiturates act as central nervous system depressants with effects from mild sedation to total anesthesia. Seconal (Secobarbital) and Nembutal (Pentobarbital) are the two most effective barbiturates for a swift, painless and swift death. Nembutal is currently the drug of choice for human euthanasia.Barbiturates have now largely been replaced by benzodiazepines treating anxiety and insomnia as they less dangerous in overdose.

  • Hanging

    This method of suicide is thought to be 75% effective, and is the main method of choice in places like prison where there are few other options available.

    There are two main methods of hanging:

    1. Short Drop Suspension. Simply the act of using ones body weight to place pressure around the neck, blocking blood flow to the brain and air supply through the windpipe, eventually causing death
    2. Drop Hanging. This is the method of hanging made most popular by historical methods for the capital punishment of convicted criminals. Because this method involves dropping from a height, the force can increase the chances of a fatal neck or spinal break, making the method slightly more effective and potentially faster. However, although considered faster and more effective, the pain is more intense, and it can also cause more severe complications for those who survive
  • Poisoning

    Another common suicide method, poisoning involves consuming a substance not designed for human ingestion. Popular choices are cleaning products, cyanide and industrial fluids. Other harmful substances not made for consumption also classes as poisoning.

    Some poisons such as hydrogen cyanide act faster than other methods, although consumption of toxic plants like the belladonna family in high enough quantities can also prove fatal. Poisonous plants are usually a slower method and cause more pain.

    One of the popular choices of a poisonous chemical, is bleach – a corrosive product that can eat through metal, remove stains, and kill the majority of bacteria.

    Drinking bleach can kill a person if enough is consumed. It begins by erroding the throat, then the stomach, and finally leaks through to other internal organs. This causes unbearable stomach pain, vomiting, and is one of the most painful methods of suicide.

    It has been observed that attempted suicides involving bleach have led people to throw themselves through sheets of glass in an attempt to end the pain faster.

    As a general rule, successful suicide through poisoning is high, usually because if enough poison has been taken to end ones life, the effects are often irreversible, even if a last minute change of mind occurs.

    On occasion, medical workers can reverse the effects of the poison, but the long-term effects are generally very nasty, and may make a persons life seem more miserable than before.

  • Inhaling Carbon Monoxide

    The most popular way of utilizing Carbon Monoxide (CO) inhalation is for a person to enclose themselves within a space with a car. The car’s engine must be running, as this will then fill the space with the poisonous gas CO. People opting to end their life this way should choose an older car, as newer cars are designed to emit much smaller amounts of CO.

    Alternatively, one could buy a tank of CO and attach a valve. Generally this takes around 15 minutes, although if there are exposed wires or light filaments in the proximity, an explosion may be caused – carbon monoxide is highly flammable.

    People who have survived this method of attempted suicide have usually been left with memory loss, psychosis or blindness.

  • Suffocation

    A pet name for a suffocation device is an exit bag. This usually is made up of a plastic bag with a drawstring, and can often be combined with a gas such as nitrogen or helium. The reason for the gas, is to painlessly cause unconsciousness so the discomfort of suffocating is avoided. The suffocation itself is caused by the high levels of carbon dioxide that are breathed back into the bag.

    If a last minute change of mind occurs, there is a very high chance of suffering serious and sometimes permanent brain damage.

    A 2007 study involving right-to-die groups suggested this method of suicide as being the least painful and one of the fastest.

  • Jumping

    This involves jumping from great heights such as building roofs, balconies and cliffs. The result is often highly lethal and effective, however failed attempts can lead to permanent disability through shattered bones in various places, and other horrific injuries.

    Dropping from a height accounts for only 2% of reported US suicides based on a 2005 research project. Hong Kong however, with its high number of sky scrapers, makes jumping the method of choice for 52.1% of suicides (study results 2006).

  • Wrist Slitting

    Also called Exsanguination, this method is often showcased in films for dramatic effect. The most effective method is not to cut across the wrists, but up the forearm. The result when successful will reduce the blood volume and pressure to a fatal level.

    Whilst it is a commonly portrayed method of suicide, it is not effective as hitting the right artery can be harder than it seems. Survivors often have deep scars, damaged tissue and sometimes – for those who are nearly successful and induce a huge level of blood-loss – brain damage.

  • Electrocution

    Another common suicide method, this involves causing arrhythmias of the heart to slow or stop blood flow by invoking a lethal electric shock. This can be achieved by pushing a metal utensil into a plug socket, or dropping a plugged-in appliance into the bathtub whilst in it.

    This method can fail, and when it does results in severe burns and nerve damage.

  • Drowning

    Another of the less common methods of suicide, it accounts for less than 2% of US suicides. To successfully drown a person must submerge themselves in liquid (usually water) to prevent the ability to breathe air, resulting in the lack of oxygen to the brain.

    Popular choices of places to drown are baths, lakes and oceans.

    Before death, the central nervous system begins the involuntary contraction of muscles, creating a jerking and a twitching.

    Failure is usually caused by the bodies natural reaction to surface for air. When unsuccessful, the lack of oxygen to the brain can cause permanent brain damage.

  • Vehicular Impact

    There are many forms of this type of suicide, but the general description involves purposefully placing oneself in the path of an oncoming vehicle. This can include trains and fast moving cars.

    Suicide by train impact is one of the most fatal, with a 90% death rate, but can carry some of the nastiest after effects if the suicide attempt is unsuccessful. These include limb amputations, permanent disability, chronic pain and brain damage.

    It is difficult to judge the percentage of suicides involving car impact, as it is hard to tell which road deaths are accidental and which are deliberate. Success is less than that of train impact, although the effects of unsuccessful attempts can be similar.

  • Pesticide

    Internationally, the consumption of pesticides and weed killers accounts for over 30% of suicides. This makes it one of the most common suicide methods of all.

    In Finland the pesticide Parathion was a particular favourite in the 1950’s, although access to the chemical was restricted. It was quickly replaced by other similar chemicals.

    Death can be very painful and failure can cause life-long effects on the body’s internal organs.

  • Freezing

    The technical name is Hypothermia, and involves a very cold and very slow death.

    The stages of Hypothermia start with mild symptoms graduating through to severe. When freezing to death a person may experience shivering, hallucinations, loss of coordination, a warm sensation, and then death.

    Even after a persons organs have shut down, the brain can still be kept alive through clinical stimulation and medical support.

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504 thoughts on “Suicide Methods: Most Popular Methods to Commit Suicide?

  1. Sam

    I keep thinking about suicide and ways to do it help

    • Josh

      Think about your family and all those who will be affected by it and how much pain and misery you will cause. You can get through it now matter what there is a away and a better future!

      • Nobody

        Sometimes it does not help to think about the family – the pain (no matter which type) is too big and deep.

        • Cheryl

          And often well-deserved on the family’s end.

          • want out

            Agreed. They and those who do or did call themselves family or friend, that root for your failure after greater successes in days past are exactly the ones I want traumatized in the end – as they left me.

        • whocares

          I agree sometimes its the bullshit ass family thats making you want to kill yourself….im very suicidal ive tried at least 5 times using a gun (saftey was on ) knives (didn’t cut deep enough) pills (didnt take enough) ect….bur my family always acted like they cared then two days later call me crazy trust. Me your family hates you as much as you hate you. FUCK FAMILY

          • Mr.noname

            Just asking If the safety was on why didnt you turn it off? not aying you should or anything

          • js

            I agree 100% with what you said about family. Truth is they always say that they are there for you, and that you can open up with them and be honest, but if you do tell them how you feel most of the time they will not hesitate to throw in your face what you confided in them. To make matters worse, after an attempt they will ask why and make it look like they care and not long after treat you differently, they will make you feel worse about yourself than you already do. They will make you feel guilty and then once again hurt you by throwing things on your face. Been there done and still going through that. Its very frustrating, they don’t understand that you are suffering and that you tried to get yourself out and make you feel shitty that you cant pull yourself back together.

          • Jenny

            Yup, the family. They give criticism, tell you you’re not worth it. They choose favoritism. They feel disgust over you. They don’t appreciate what you do for them. They only use you. They call themselves “parents” sometimes. And you have no one else to turn to.

          • Whysucicide

            I know it Is hard, i have gone through that stuff if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be on this website.

          • Naz

            Yes its the family, mom dad brothers sisters and now husband..never good enough, always remembering your past. I AM DONE!!!

          • failure

            I too feel the same.l wanted to commit suicide but couldn’t . For me its not the family its me. My family expected me a lot ,like getting top marks and top college. But I couldn’t do it. I just wanted to die. Everyone say that I make my mother to cry and they are fedup with me. Dead

        • xxx

          what if it’s my family itself thats causing me to want to kill myself

          • death

            There is no God the bible is bs and death is just death. Stop trying to make it so dramatic and just do it. I wish we could all die. This world is bs life is bs and everyone in this life is bs. Even if you live to 100 what’s the point you still die. We live to die.

        • Jon


      • Miranda H.

        I agree, but not all my family members care about me and some of my so called “friends” don’t care about,me. My sister told me not even 10 mins ago to “go kill yourself”

        • Karim

          I know. The only one you can truly trust has and will always be yourself. Right now i have yet to find what is keeping me alive

          • Ariel

            Your very right

        • raj

          Miranda u r important

          • bman

            obviously not important enough to you to spell out “you”, and “are”

        • Mr.noname

          i know EXACTLY how you feel

        • Erin

          Never give up hope

        • Kenlee

          Why would she say that?

      • And

        If I do it, they will be sorrow for a while but the will be better (money wise) for all the time that remains for them.
        In some cases, doing it improves the family future.
        A wise writer wrote:
        When I was born, I was crying but everyone else was smiling. Live your life in such way that, at the time of your death, everyone will be crying but you will be smiling

        • Thistle

          What you said was beautifully put….That’s how I feel since no one really loves me, I am worth more to them dead than alive…..And for once Id rather someone else do the crying and me do the smiling…..

        • Thistle

          Your message was beautifully put…I feel the same way since no one loves me I am worth more dead than alive….And for once Id rather someone do the crying while I do the smiling….

          • Thistle

            Why was my comment not print worthy…I suppose its a reflection of my life I’m just not worthy or important enough…..

      • George

        Shut the fuck up you useless scum, all your maggot eaten mush brain can do is recycle bullshit you hear from your pedophile school counselor. I hope you and your fucking cum dumpster mother use any of these methods to end your worthless lives.

        • George's Mother

          I’m so proud you made it this far! My little boy spewing senseless hate on the internet to strangers. So glad the abortion failed and you became the eloquent young man you are! Love you honey! <3

          • Andy

            oh my god

          • Sophie

            lol Omg! Cheers to George’s Mother. That was hilarious.

          • Reynormic

            You guys have no idea how happy George & his Mother’s comments made me just now, Thank you~

        • want out

          You have a moderator and let shiit like that post wile we contemplate the end of our days and the end of our psychic pain?

        • Mr.noname

          your on this website too so you must have a reason for googling ‘Suicide methords’ or whatever the fuck you searched to get here calling people in the same or similar positons really reflects on you…

        • D.J.G

          What the hell?! How about you use your own method to end your worthless life. I bet that you don’t even know what it’s fucking like. Anyways what the hell are you doing on this website if all your gonna do is fucking criticize people and the way they see the fucking world. If all you are going to do is fucking criticize us then get the hell off this website because no one has time for your bullshit and no one needs your bullshit because all you are doing is making someone else fall off the planet. Which I personally think is shitty. So how about you use the fucking god damn methods to dispose of your own fucking life George because if you don’t someone else will take the opportunity and do it for you.

        • I want to help

          Shut the fuck up bitch.! I know you are all upset about this but im sure your family at least cares about 30% if they “hate” you.. Life is worth living , never think yourself as a giant mistake..! Youre all way more than that.! Suicide isnt the answer.! As for you George, i want you to shut the fuck up before someone HERE KILLS THEMSELVES FROM YOUR HORRIBLE COMMENT.!!!! YOU WILL GOTO HELL YOU BITCH ASS FLEA BAG.!!!!

      • Do u care??

        All the reasons i may suicide is my family….

        • Thistle

          DO YOU CARE?
          I feel your pain, me too….For past 2 years I been fighting it putting on the brave face that everything is ok not to worry anyone that i am breaking apart inside ….Who knew it would be my family the ones that are supposed to love you and care for you and tell you they are so glad your in there life and support you when you tell them how broken you are no one wants to hear that although they say they do response you’ll be fine your just being a debbie downer you’ll get over it..Who knew that there lack of compassion would be the the final straw or the final nail in the coffin how ironic your family bring you into this world and your family drive you out of this world…. Tired of being a Debbie Downer the real me has been lost for ever.. so sad….been lost in the paperwork shuffle….

        • jackeline

          Me too. I feel so unvalued and uncared for. Ever since inwas little I’ve been put to the side. Ever since i was a lol kid under twelve I’ve contimplated suicide. I never got raped or anything traumatizing….but yuno i just feel like I’m not valuable in that family.

        • I want to help

          Its ok..! I know it hurts but suicide isnt the answer my friend.! i care deeply about all you guys.! Youre beautifle (forgive my spelling) the way you are, dont let your family change that

      • Adriana

        Most people that I know don’t care. I just wish I have the guts to do it.

        • Julia

          My older brother committed suicide last September. He shot himself with a gun he inherited from my father. His daughter found him. I am still not over it. I also suffer from depression for the last 40 years and contemplated, and tried to commit suicide more than once. I still think of suicide a lot, even when I know how much I would hurt my family. My brother is in heaven now, no pain, sorrow. He was suffering from extreme pain, mentally and physically. God does forgive suicide.

          • karr

            How old are most of us in here? I don’t know if I’m being a fool for thinking suicide is the way out. Am I too young? Is that even a logical thought? Have I more to live for? By the looks of it I’m younger than most of you in here. Perhaps I’m in the wrong here…

        • Reaper

          R u better now?

      • Thistle

        You obviously have a loving and caring family who would be left distraught if anything tragic was to happen to you…Unlike myself and the people here on this web page where their families help create the problem and really don’t give a toss what happens to us they would grieve for 5 min. for show then carry on with there happy lives as if you never existed…

      • Thistle

        You are lucky to have family that love and care about you and that would be devastated if something tragic was to happen to you….Unlike myself and the other poor people that are posting on this sight our families don’t care about us and contribute heavily to our problems….And if something was to happen to us they wouldn’t give a toss and would grieve for 5 minutes just for show then carry on with there happy problem free lives….

      • NSR

        Not all of us have a loved family! It really hurts when the only people that supposed to love you and care about you is the main reason of your pain, and all you get from them is just problems hate and fights

        I thought I won’t need family if I had close friends that care about me, but that’s another problem, I can’t find friends that I have something in common, and I don’t get along with most of people in my country, I feel like I’m from whole another world!

        • Reaper

          What country r u from?

      • tacos

        Josh your a fucking retard. People deserve the right to choose their own life or death.

      • Jessica

        I want to commit suicide but do not have a family to think about… so yeah, bye.

      • abraham

        shut up. its not about them its about you. if life is pain and not even your familly can help you then everything is worthless. i plan to get rid of my debts then leave this world i would have stayed if my life was better than this

    • What dose my name have 2 do with u

      So do I

    • Me

      Don’t do it!

    • No One

      Time for me to try again

      • re. No One

        Don’t. Life is so much more than this.

    • Adam

      Please, if you ever feel like doing anything talk to someone before you go ahead with it even if you do it, Atleast people will understand more you wanted help but couldn’t break through, stay strong, you’re not alone

      • Adriana

        Even if I talk to someone they don’t understand.

        • Dana

          Talk to God, he loves you and will help you! Call out to him and turn everything over to him! Do this every day without fail and your life will get better!

        • kento

          Are u OK??Jessica and Abraham?….I’ve been also try to commit suicide but I just seem to not have enough guts ….for as much as I think I can’t do it because I have my baby 8 month old to think about but it seems to my husband that it easy to change my negative thinking or why I get so stressed out or crying of nothing…I just told him I feel lonely that I need help I am basically screaming that I need someone to listen to me and he just says OK let’s see if we can find someone to help u out but then goes to sleep and leaves me with all this pain….I hope the best for me or my daughter I wanna see her happy and grow I just hope I can c that tho??

    • lost

      If everyday is the same lousy day ,no job,no money,nothing to call your own and everything keepsaying get to worse why live it’s better to end it now

    • Holy Spirit ur fren

      Its a difficult situation v ol knw . But evry situation has a solution . . Y to care about those u dont deserves you . . Y to waste r time to think n think n think . . Just move on frenz . . Last thing . . If u really have decided to end up your life than . . . Please do that all things that u have planned ever in ur dreams . . God bless u . . If u wanna contact me dan mail me at

    • Nobody#2

      When ego of a real man is destroyed by failing to gain what he thinks he deserved then maybe its the only way to get rid of the shame and misery. Its a tough decision though

      • No Time for Life

        I lost everything I loved about my life because I was with this one bitch who fucked my life up… made me into an asshole, lost all my friend, company, and fame status. In my prime and now 7 years later nothing has been the same since. I feel like I am lying to myself living life the way it is now. I rather die if I cant be who I once was. I rather die cause life is a waste of time now.

        • Riya

          Hey i would like to know you..
          I m going through the same phase

        • Kc

          Hi everyone…
          I love all of you so much. I know exactly how you feel. You just want to end the bottomless pit of pain. I am bipolar and just came out of the worst suicidal depression of my life.
          We are basically fighting two things. Number one, if the people and situations around us are causing a lot of inner turmoil and pain, they are definitely evil, hateful, abusive, and WRONG. Many people are two-faced, nice-nasty, and EVIL. They have pushed us over the edge to the point of wanting out NOW. We have tried everything we can to change our lives and survive this evil but it’s usually impossible. Suicide is the only escape we have left. Everything else seems out of our control, and it usually is. I love all of you and I agree that your lives are being totally fucked up by all the really insane assholes around you, along with tragedies and disasters. You have every right to want to get out of the hideous mess. NOW.
          Second part, before I get to the answers, is, depression is often a brain chemical imbalance which victimizes us. We are innocent. We have done nothing to cause this. Let me repeat, depression is not your fault, in any way, shape or form. You aren’t causing it. It is destroying you all by itself.
          There is one solution to this chemical problem and it is anti-depressants like welbutrin and Prozac. Don’t laugh at me if you haven’t tried one for a month. If it didn’t work, you tell your dr to increase the dose, or try a diff one. They have an ingredient that works like sunshine. Serotonin is what it’s officially called, and it’s like sunshine on the beach. Let’s say we all need a sunny vacation on the beach right now. If we go there to cry, so be it. But imagine getting away from all the assholes and trauma you’re surrounded by, and laying in the warmth of the sun listening to the ocean waves. Maybe getting into the warm water and just being lifted up on the gentle waves. Imagining this will show you how different you would feel if you instantly got out of your horrible situation !!
          So, if you can’t afford a dr, there are low income clinics where a dr will give you an anti-depressant to try. Pick it up, then get yourself a bus ticket to a beach and get the hell out of your life for a week. One idea.

          Finally, now that you know NOTHING is your fault, I will tell you the truth you all want to hear. It’s okay to commit suicide. It’s okay. Relax and know it’s okay. You truly need and deserve a way to stop the unbearable pain you’re feeling. All you really want is to stop the pain, bottom line, and suicide will definitely change everything. You need to make a drastic change, and it’s necessary, or your life will just continue being horrible.
          I’ve thought about this for years, as I have contemplated suicide many times. The trick about suicide is to go to a wonderful place, better than the beach, when you die. That’s the best ! You can get there, no problem.
          Suicide is okay if you simply say a little prayer before you do it, like this: “I give you my life, Lord Jesus. Take me home to be with you.” If you believe with all your heart that Jesus already died to get you home to heaven with him, you’re there, right now, even if you don’t kill yourself. This is not some religious BS. Try it. See if something happens. Bells won’t ring. You won’t get tingly. But I guarentee you’ll feel some kinda love like you’ve never felt before. Jesus loves us more than any of the evil people in our lives ever have or ever will.
          Don’t write me off as a religious zealot. I’m not. I’m telling you you deserve more than the hell you’re living in. Definitely a whole LOT more. You deserve heaven. Go there if you want. Jesus is waiting for you.
          On the other hand, if you can’t ask him to take you home right now, bc its too hard to believe anything so preposterous bc you’re so depressed and overwhelmed, then take a minute before you pull that trigger, drink that horrible stuff, or take those pills. Stop and listen to the other side of this story. Hell is a real place. You will go there if you don’t ask Jesus to take you to heaven. I’m not kidding. How do I know heaven and hell are real places and we go to one or the other when we die ? Not only are they written about in the Bible, as you know, but thousands of people, people just like you and me, have died and come back to life to tell all about them !! That’s the shocking part !! Ask yourself, what motive do they have for lying ?? None !! And they all see exactly the same thing !!! How can they all do that ?? Impossible, unless they really went there. Think about it. These people died in car accidents or on the operating table, then were revived and came back to life. There’s a movie out called “Heaven is for Real,” about a little 4 yr old boy who died and went to heaven, then came back and told his parents everything he experienced in heaven. This little kid was too young to know any of the stuff and couldn’t make it up.
          So, you can actually commit suicide right now and go to heaven if you ask Jesus to come into your heart and take you there. He will. But don’t take the fast trip to hell. It’s just like people say it is. Hell. You don’t want to be there.
          I love all of you ,and I want you to know that God loves you a thousand times more than I do. He wants to take you into his arms and hug you tight right now. Just ask him to. He wants to dry your endless tears, take away your depression, get you out of the mess you’re in, and make you wildly happy. Just sit where you are and say whatever you want to him. Yell at him if you want. He can handle it. Scream and yell and tell him you’re sick and tired of everything. He is listening. He’s real and he’s right there with you. Talk to him. Ask him to show you he ls real and to tell you he loves you. He will. I promise.
          Don’t forget the anti-depressant. I’ve been so depressed at times I couldn’t even talk to God. Take the edge off the insanity first if you need to. Take it for awhile. Sleep. Rest your mind. Dont think about anything. Pull those blankets over your head, and talk to God. I LOVE YOU.

          • Susan

            Thank you for your practical and empathetic words of support and advice, KC.

          • Name

            I’m kinda here to argue. I’ve been depressed my whole life and no one has ever been able to explain to me why I should live. I WANT someone to disprove me. Please, please, tell me I’m wrong. Let me get the normal answers out of the way.

            Your loved ones will be sad: I hope so. I feel like I want everyone around me to feel terrible when I kill myself. I want people to hate themselves. I came from a moderately wealthy family. I got/get pretty much what I want. Not to any extreme but still. I love my Mom and quite a few of my family members. I have a few close friends and LOTS of other friends who aren’t as close. I want them all to hate themselves when I die.

            You have so much to live for.
            Live for what? Things to do….. Before I die? Let’s skip the middle. I’m obviously not living for anyone but myself. I don’t want to help people. In fact, I want to hurt them. Especially politcians, if I mattered.

            I want to die because I am willing to trade all of the happiness I have and, in exchange, never feel sadness again. Negate the two. I don’t care to be happy, as long I’m not sad. Permanent solution to a permanent problem: sadness.

            I haven’t killed myself yet because I’m a pussy. I’m afraid of the pain I’ll feel. I tried once but it wasn’t too effortful. I will have no economic problems in life if I were to continue living. I would most likely not have any enormous social woes. I’m usually sad for no reason.

            Please try to convince me to live. I want to be completely sure that this is the right decision. I figure someone here would deal with this often enough to know how to convince me.

        • Dana

          Let the past go. Look forward. You can turn things around.

        • Bob

          I went through the same as you! Still after 24 years later my life is not complete. I think of suicide far to much!

    • U will regret it mu bff did this. Everyone at the davis h.s miss him
      Rip.nate saiz feb.27,2015

        • re. whiteAndRight

          Really? Kill yourself. #ta

        • Mr.noname

          your parents have failed you good sir

    • AJ

      I’ve tried 3 maybe 4 times tonite. To put pressure on the arteries in the neck without suffocating myself. Used a “special” tool and a tie but…
      Last week drank a whole bottle of ant/termite poison… only left with severe stomach aches and cramps. I’ll do the hanging tmrw I think. Please share some ideas.

      • Riya

        Contact helpline asap

    • Jump, Or cut!

    • Shrikrishna

      Hi Sam u must be suffering from suicidal tendency pls contact a psychiatrist as soon as possible!

    • oTis

      THANKS I Been thinking of suicide but couldn’t think of how but I see suffocation is the best soooo I’m bout to go kill myself thanks mom n dad n sisn brother y’all drove me to killing myself now that I’m gone I hope y’all is happy I no since I was born I was that mistake and been nothing but a burden on everybody well not no more I loved no one.

      • Jenny

        This is how I feel everyday. For the past 9 years. But I know my life will be better AWAY from them, when I move away and make my own life with my own family etc. Don’t end your life, yes it hurts so much. Feeling so much pain and anger towards your so called ‘family’ , but I promise it’ll get better.

    • re. Sam

      Best thing is not to. Most likely there will be disasters. Better to get on with life than live with the consequences of a failed attempt.

    • My little story

      I’ve contemplated suicide in the past many times. I would never bring myself to do it, despite previous failed attempts. I’ve realized now, years later, how selfish I was. Think of family and friends. What effect it would have on them? Why put them through havoc because of giving up?

      I’ve been diagnosed Bipolar, BPD, DID, and all those degrading labels. I won’t let it get me down. It’s life. Best thing I realized is to screw the negativity and HELP yourself. Look for a better future. Don’t let life totally drag you down. Suicide is simply an easy way out. It’s pathetic.

      I’d like to think I don’t have any regrets in life, but my main one was even CONSIDERING suicide. The world can think what they want of me- they don’t have a clue; I’ve given up caring about what nobodies may think of me. Therefore, judgment can shove itself and I’ll get on with my life, for once actually CONTENT with it. I’ll live. I’ll have my horrible moments. They will be replaced by the glorious moments. I’ll find my solution, which will be to stick two fingers up and carry on.

      • The Bigger Story

        Thank you.

    • chels

      Me too. Ill be leaving my 6 yr old daughter behind and my husband. Seems the more i think about suicide the more it becomes reality.

    • Aimee

      I’m so unhappy at the moment, I have a anti-depressants Citalopram, would that eventually kill me if I overdosed?

    • paul

      Me too. These thoughts never far from surface. My family better off without me for sure.

    • Gary

      Some days are bright and some are dark but no day is ever truly black. I have lived many years. Dreams do come true. Love is all you need.

    • Amelia

      Please don’t. Even though I don’t know you; think of the people who would miss you if you were gone. If I heard on the news that you had committed suicide, I would be really sad, because even though I didn’t know you, it doesn’t matter. I care for anyone or anything.

    • unknown

      idk what love is anymore bec everytime i trust my familyy they stab me in the back or tell me im a waste of time or they tell me what are u doing here and sometimes i think for moment why was i born in this world

    • Vera

      The one simple truth about suicide is that it’s incredibly selfish, yet those in pain can’t see outside themselves to notice. I’m at the same place I’ve been a million times before, I want it to end, I want it to be over, I want to stop hurting the people who lover me… but I can’t leave yet, it is overcoming these moments we become our strongest.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t do it bro, chin up.. It gets better

    • alwaysalone

      I think I’m going to kill myself bc nothing has worked in 17 years I feel alone . maybe I’m being stupud but I didn’t choose to come into this world but I’ll damned if I don’t choose when I leave.

    • I would commit suicide but I have 2 reason not to it’s too painful and medicine taste like shit and I love God

    • Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Suicide is fucked up and whoever created this website needs to get laid really hard never trust suicide hotline it’s just some people paid 25 dollars a hour to say it’s ok.
      And fuck family my mom won’t let me out of her sight for 39 secs my mom is too overprotective I can’t have one friend online and my mom has almost killed me 3 times when I was little first she forgot I was allergic to nuts then she forgot I can not be around penut butter then she sprayed highly scented perfume and I almost died

    • Marlex

      I’m thinking the same thing… I have severe level of anxiety. I always assume that I have cancer whenever i feel there’s something wrong with my body. I don’t want to die pain. I know it’s a coward thing but i really don’t know what to do but to cry.

    • Nathan

      If you commit suicide, you have murdered a great person.
      Also we don’t want to see comments of not-anymore-living people on the internet because that makes us sad to.
      You should check this site out before killing yourself (at least if you live in the us) and just don’t do it.
      There will always be happier days.

  2. name x

    I want to scicide just now…help me

    • Stay Strong x

      Try not to, I know It’s hard. I can’t tell you how often I think I should. Please, don’t.

      • Anonymous

        Hello, I am 13 and I think I have major depression I have not had any attempts yet at killing myself but this world has given me to much pain. I can’t cope. No-one has really realised what I feel because I don’t ever tell them. I have been hit by my mum causing brusing that no-one has ever noticed. And my dad is drunk most of the time. I don’t want to live anymore but I don’t want to die in pain. I’ve had too much of that. Don’t tell me to stay strong. I am weak, pathetic, ugly, fat, dumb, unloveable are there anyother methods. I am sick, but I don’t want help

        • anonymous

          I know death seems to be the easier way out, but honestly it isn’t. Many ppl don’t have family don’t have friends feel lost, unwanted, ugly but why end your life instead of rising up and being someone we never thought we could be, enjoy the beauty of this world. Eventually we are all going to die why do it sooner. Suicide is for cowards and everyone in the world has potential to be and do anything they please. Don’t kill your self Cuz your family and friends will suffer, don’t do it Cuz u mean more then that, and u owe it to yourself to have a better life before we take off from this world. The majority of the people have a bad story to tell. I’ve been raped 2 my parents are dying I don’t have friends I’ve been treated like dirt, they have tried to kill me, no one loves me, and when I thought life meant nothing I rises and proved to the world I was worth living just a little longer to feel happy, because I deserve that much. And though its still hard at the end when u decide not to die and fight for happiness you’ll see it was worth it all. There’s nothing better then ones satisfaction that u accomplished more being alive then dying. God puts people in hard situation because he knows that person is strong enough to brake through don’t let him down. You never know what destiny awaits you, it could be serving amazing and your ending your life without waiting and seeing what life has in store for u!

        • re. Anonymous

          You’re only 13. Get over yourself.

        • Tanya

          Let me first say my heart is breaking for you. If I knew where you lived I would come and take you away from all your going through and make sure you have child hood you deserve. Yes I do know how you feel, I was beaten and sexually abused by my father. Granted my mother never laid a hand on me, but she did allow my father to do the things he did to me! I did try to commit sucide several times but failed each time, I thank god everyday because if I did I wouldn’t have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditional and two handsome sons. One who is in the marine corp. and a 12yr. old who never makes my day a dull moment.

    • Just don’t do it. I have the same thoughts as you but just try to dismiss it. And I know that may sound crap but try to hold it together name.

      • Bill

        You know you’re close when it’s the only thought that brings you peace.

        • Cathrine

          thank you for saying this. I don’t feel as if I am alone in my thoughts.

        • None u

          I agree that it’s over when all you do thinking about this .mireable life. It’s time to go do me. I’m not a good man and a looser. I am miserable with this life and can’t handle it anymore. No family that cares, no friends. When there is so much pressure from life, it’s time to go. Yes a very few people with be upst but they’ll be okay. I’ve had it with this life and the continuous pressure. My family hates me and I’m sure that they will be very happy. Especially my wife, she’ll be happy. She doesn’t love me. It’s time to execute and make it happen. I’ve selected my method and date.

          • misc


    • Steve

      Why ?

    • Josh

      Think about your family and all those who will be affected by it and how much pain and misery you will cause. You can get through it now matter what there is a a way and a better future!

      • re. Josh

        Exactly. So many fail to realize the effect this would have on their loved ones. It’s SELFISH. There will always be dark times in life, but to end yourself because you’re going through a nasty moment? It’s an easy way out. Weak. Pathetic. Better to stay strong and battle through. Good times will come.

        • stayposititve

          Whoever you are, some awesome lines there. Well put. Even i go through phases where i feel thats it, nothing good will ever happen. But i force myself to be happy. It upsets those who hate me to see me happy. That makes me stubborn n want them to get more and more upset. So i not only remove suicidal thoughts but pretend that everything is all right. It then becomes a habit. Good thoughts attract good things. Its how the universe functions. Read it in a book called “the secret” by rhonda byne. Try n read the book before anybody going to kill themselves. Whatcha gonna loose?? And dont give up without a fight. Get out of your dark rooms. Take a walk in the bright sunshine. Its your life guys!!!! Why do you have to end it beoz of somebody else??? Why o why??

    • AHeartBrokenMan

      I have constant thoughts about it, but I wont do it because of the pain it would put upon the people that love me. Even it may not seem so, there are people who love me and are thankful for my existence. I am a depressed and sad individual for many reasons and I will always be this way. What keeps me going is the very reason that I dont want anyone to ever feel the way I feel, especially not the ones I love. Its not worth putting pain on them just because i want to get rid of mine. I cant do that, but I always think about it.

      • lonely girl

        same here

        • mark

          i can not get out of Pain, 8 surgeries, back hip knee,in so much pain all i can think about is dieing to get out of pain, pill aint helping, tell me lonely girl, why you! e mail me at

      • merely

        Those words have helped me more than you know. Sorry you feel like you will never feel happiness. I do and will again but I want to bail many a time. I want to die on my terms not lifes terms. Beating me down at every turn.
        Now I have new light shed on it. I don’t want others to feel this same way. Am crying for us both. Take care.

      • HeartBroken

        I’m broken hearted man too. My problems in life are many, and with broken heart as well, life is just unbearable painful and pointless.

        • suffering from PTSD

          This was very helpful thank you now to find a gun

    • Adam

      Ever need anyone to talk to, I can help if you want? I have kik messenger- adamwalton14 you’re not alone stay safe

    • I wish I could help you too.

    • No Time for Life

      All these methods seem too common… Wanna die in a unique way. Any ideas?

      • Big Mistake

        Take a bunch of random pills, chase them with bleach or antifreeze, slice your wrist as much as you can bear the pain, then drive your care off a cliff and shoot yourself in the head on the way down. I don’t see that failing to do the trick. That’s what I always imagine when I’m depressed, which seems to be more and more often.

        • lost

          Haha, great imagination. I know exactly what it’s like when these fantasy suicide episodes make you feel better than the reality around you. Love this method. If only it was realistic and possible.

      • Anne

        Get eaten by a shark

    • No Time for Life

      I would help you out if you help me out. How would you like to die? I need ideas too.

      • want out

        if you want to join a circus or magic act, do it elsewhere. there are plenty of us who would happily take morons that speak as you do, half way there. Leave you functional from the neck up ONLY— to really want something to die for.

    • Heidi Roos

      I want to end my life as well. I am in a psychiatric facility in Kamloops, BC and want to end my life as I am so afraid of becoming homeless!!!!

  3. Steve

    Why you are there?

  4. SP

    Please help me , I just had to put my beloved dog ‘Kissya’ down this week and its all my fault she could still be alive if I had looked after her a bit better, all I can think of is to join her, I am so aching for her love, I miss her so much, she stopped me from committing suicide 16 months ago and now thats she’s gone that all I can think about. someone please help me.

    • Josh

      Think about your family and all those who will be affected by it and how much pain and misery you will cause. You can get through it now matter what there is a away and a better future!

      • Gracie

        Josh, I’m sure you mean well, but your repetitive answer (“Think about your family…”) doesn’t always apply. I have no family. They are all dead. I have no friends. They, too, have passed. I live in constant 24/7 physical pain as a result of an accident several years ago. Not everybody has a faith-based belief system. Some of us just want it (life) to be over.

        • Please Listen

          Gracie. You will do yourself more harm by killing yourself. If you think the physical pain you are in now is bad it is nothing compared to the pain in the next world. I also want to commit suicide but logically speaking we rather suffer some years here than commit suicide and have an eternity of suffering.

          • Cheryl

            The afterlife? What a crock of Christian crap. For one who believes that, one may as well realize that Christian ” hell” has to be filled with a lot of good souls.

      • Nobody important

        My family are some if the ones that tell me how worthless I am. My parents have told me that I was an accident. The only other person in the world that I care about, that I love unconditionally, and I thought loved me said they regret talking me out of it before so…….

    • What dose my name have 2 do with u

      So do I coz I want to get away from this shit

      • Rob

        I see people saying life’s a gift. Where’s my gift recipe? I would like to return it now. For some reason I bud my life up to sabotage myself. I work hard. Good at my job. But than I get depressed. Feel empty. I end up taking days off work to sit in my dark room and stare at the wall I have 3 girls and a wife. I recently lost my job for absentee. It’s so hard to get out of my head I lose days. I wake from what I have started to call ” the depression coma”. Days pass and I just think how my girls are better off with a daddy who loves life. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids. Saying that I know they deserve better. Is this a way to give them better? All I think about is how not waking would be a benefit. How the darkness consumes me. As if I’m a candle being blown out by the deathly chill of life’s cold breath. Inside I am hollow. I fill this void with thoughts a of the ending. Happiness is life’s biggest lie. I feel… Confused. I feel angry. Am I post human? Leaving humanity as humanity is a infectious cancer on the face of earth. How could I love anyone else when I can’t find reasons to love myself. Today we kill tomorrow we die yesterday is a memory I yearn to forget. I am. What is not.

      • No Time for Life

        I hope to die and come back as a different person. Fuck this planet. Waste of time trying to live. Not even worth living in the streets. I rather run directly into on coming traffic high as fuck.

    • aaron

      Sorry to hear. We too recently had to part with a loved dog. For 14 years she was a delight, she became sick, and I think she sensed her time was near. It still was not easy. Think serioisly about adoption, there are those neglected and abused who could use your love.

    • asylum_boy

      pets don’t have souls so there no joining him/her

      sorry but it’s the bitter truth

      • Not UR problem

        That’s not true, pets do have souls. They go to heaven with everybody else. They are the ones though that are keeping me from commiting suicide. If I left them here I know they would know it. They would be heart broken and have nowhere to go. And I’m not gonna kill them just so I can stay with them.

      • alex

        that is no where near the truth some dogs have more soul than humans u may just not understand their purpose

    • mark

      believe me i know u love your dog, i love mine to her name is Sabrina 13 years old husky, she is the ONLY thing keeping me a live,when she go i will go with her, and she does have a sole, not sure if people do tho , i am in a lot of pain from 8 surgeries that failed,
      i have had 10 -12 dreams about her 20 years before she was even born, so i think God sent here to me to give me at lease good years with her,and then i will die of a broken heart i to don,t want to live anymore,for what to watch the world go to hell, all the friends i had loved in this world have pass in the last few years and i miss them to Death, when i die i will be so busy shaking hands with all of them i wont even know i’m in hell God if u r out there or listening we need you to come get us! i love you Sabrina, the only thing i have in this world, mark rowan deland fl

      • mark

        march 9 is my birthday, always thought that would be a good day to die,after Sabrina goes, i’am OUTTA HERE

        • mark

          come get me God !!!! or arn,t u there

    • Him

      im getting married soon, believe it or not but there’s almost a million ways to be happy, so be happy nd dont care for anyone’s approval, enjoy life kuz u only live once nd most liky end up in hell afterwards

  5. grant

    im planning my exit this week! cya

    • Edyn

      honey please don’t

    • will

      I am to…I cannot deal with this anymore. ..

    • Strange

      Good on you mate XD

    • please be successful.

    • No Time for Life

      Cya… Let me know how it goes.

    • Non u

      Me too. As a matter of fact it’s ready and by early next week I should be gone from this miserable life.

  6. stacy

    I am so depress I feel like taking my life

  7. Can u help me please i just wanna die right now where is the knife

    • Party Poison

      Listen to music. Watch a movie. Do something to get your mind off it for now. There will be so many people who will miss you. And I know you probably think they won’t, but trust me someone will. I know how it feels, just please don’t do anything stupid.

    • No Time for Life

      It better to die without inflicting harm to oneself… put the knife away and try a more natural method. Fuck I wish I can die too… but it ain’t worth bleeding for.

  8. ...

    I had lived with my mom all my life in 9th Grade I wasn’t doing to good and I was an asshole to my mom she forced me to life with my dad who was an ex-drug dealer/user and had gotten out of prison 2 years before I never really knew my dad he would just come over and sell my mom drugs then leave now I live with him and he said if I did good in school I wouldn’t have to go to military school I did foot I got b- and c+ but he still sent me there for whatever reason even though I begged to the man who bought my half-brother who is 2y you get then me a bounce house and me a cookie jar to not send me to military school and I’m doing good in school and I try to stay away from people BC I want to know that truly no-one will care when I die and I just sit home all the time and play Destiny (10/10 should buy) and every day I get yelled at for not doing anything or not having any friends and that I don’t have a life and how you gonna find someone to love if you don’t look IDFC I am the one who was molested in foster care I was the one who peed it the cup for you I was the one who lied to the cops for you I was the one who had to hide in the back of the car in the hi-speed chase it was ME I had to live through it and now you tell at me for not wanting to hang around you Idc if you wanna meet people go ahead do your own thing just leave me be in my room alone so I can stew in my thoughts till they eat me from the inside and I can finally die on the outside BC. I’ve been dead on the inside for a long time now

  9. Lucy

    I am so depressed rn and I’m so lonely and sometimes idk why I even feel so sad. It’s points when I just feel so empty and hollow and that is probably the most painful feeling in the world and I don’t know where I belong and I’m at college as a first year and so much crap just happened last semester that I pretty much have no friends and there is just this growing hole inside of me and I am just so suicidal it just hurts so much and I am literally never happy anymore

    • I came here because I’m manic depressive and when I crash hard, I look around and become bitter that I ever have happy mood swings cause they just let me know what I’m missing most of the time. Family and friends are tired of being patient.
      I’ll build up my health and circumstances just to tear it all down.
      I’m sorry to read these posts. Though it gives a sense of camaraderie and the anonymity is liberating. You can’t really let other people in you life know, you know ?
      I keep telling myself it’s just a neurochemical imbalance and it will pass. But it’ll always come back.

      For what it’s worth, Lucy is a pretty name. Plain maybe, but uncommon with beautiful phonetics. Take care.

      • Kaycee

        I cry through the happy days begging them not to stop. I try to figure out what made the peace and happy perspective come about. It lasts a day or two once a year or so. Normal people are so lucky. I have the best life of anyone I know. I am the leader of a non profit organization that ministers to children and families. It is a great place. I am so loved. Why do I hate myself so much? Pesticide, huh? That’s right down my alley. What am I waiting for? I would ruin so many lives. I must not allow myself to think about dying. It is not productive.

      • Bob

        Just do it

      • Keep The Taste

        I’d love to be here for you, if that is allowable by you. Do you have a kik account or possibly Skype?

      • Hazel

        If you ever need someone, anyone to talk to I am here for you. You remind me of someone that is still close to my heart though they’ve scarred me. Please, let me know if you ever need someone. I’ve got demons of my own as well.

    • jp

      Hi lucy..plz dnt do this…all problem hav solution
      .whats your problem

  10. Jaipi

    Wew!! Im tired of this fucking life. I want to die, fast and effective. I dont wanna live anymore. Hmmmn. Shit happens and i dont want more shit happens again, thats why i like to come to death for the better future.

    • Garima

      I want to committ suicide, please tell me, I feel so lonely, no one has time for me

      • random guy

        I just want you to remember this that all lives are precious. You may think that you are alone and people don’t care about you, but that’s not true. Nobody is born to be just lonely or sad. Everyone gets their share of happiness. Just wait for your precious moments, the amazing future you are going to have, the amazing people you are going to meet. just wait for them. I know its hard but its worth it.
        Just don’t think of leaving the world without taking your share of happiness. I can assure you this that one day you are going to meet the people who will care about you, will do anything for your friendship. Don’t make them lose an amazing friend.
        When things get tough always remember, night is always the darkest before the dawn.

        And still if u think that nobody cares about you then you are wrong, because i do.

        • Bob

          Your wrong sometimes suicide I’d the best option

          • martin

            I really nid a method that is painless.
            Plz…some1 tell me. I will do anything for u. If I die,u can take my soul too.
            Anything u want I will give u. Plz any method .I beg u…

  11. My hubby was expired… I won’t live more… Please give d idea for painless death

  12. Joe

    I tried to overcome my depression by staying positive and even prayed to God for years but no help from God Almighty he was to busy blessing The Kardashians and all the glamorous people of the world he holds in such high regard. And if I see or hear another Lil Wayne video I’m gonna kill myself! Then I thought about it, people are starving and dying in other parts of the world and God completely ignores this. But he continues to give fame and fortune to talentless retards with nothing good to say or offer the world! Are you kidding me! Just give me a gun already fuck this place!

    • maria

      Joe, don’t kill yourself, because you made me laugh and that gave me a little reprieve from my burden of despair.
      Stay alive, if there were more people like you the world would be better.
      The irony of reading the comments here is that all of you are the ones who should live! Why is it the jerks never consider suicide only the sensitive and good hearted?!?!

    • Diana

      I was depressed and thinking of suicide all day until i red your comment!I just laughed my ass off!!I would never consider to end my life if I was surrownded by people like you!Now here is the deal,you can make me laugh and I’ll be allways there when you need someone to talk to;)

  13. Micah

    It makes my heart ache to read these posts! I wish I could reach out and help each person on here. Give you a hug and let you know how special you are to someone, me. Depression does not discriminate. I am sorry and apologize on behalf of your loved ones, but know there’s hope. Life has peaks and valleys. GET HELP! Don’t make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    • We are looking for moderators for this site, if you are interested in participating.

      • Dustin

        Ok, I’m 30 years old and I’ve been dealing with this drug issue for a long time. It’s caused me to do dumb stuff that’s landed me in prison. I’m still on probation for these charges that I caught in 2008. I consider myself to be a good person I have a awesome job / career that I love and very passionate about. I have a heart of gold and I would give the shirt off of my back to help out anybody I can. I just can’t seem to shake this addiction though. I just piss dirty at probation the other day and now there will be a warrant for my arrest. the state of Florida is going to give me 90 months because of this dirty urine. I can’t do it. so I’m sitting here with 15 xanax bars and a gram of heroin. It’s time to put a stop to this madness.I give up :'(

        • goner

          Me too. Same shit. Let’s qo on the run and if we don’t make it we will end it

      • htodd

        I would like to help if moderators are still required

    • martin

      From the day I was born,that bitch(God) has given/selected me as a bad luck person.
      Come on,they is no use anymore living in this cruel world & in this family. I m a lonewolf type.
      I hate crowded place . if any of u reading this, I hope u r a good person. Protect ur love one.
      That all that I wanna say.
      Gd bye my species. Hope u extinct.
      I m on the roof so windy.damnnn…
      I love it.OK… Cya at next world.bye people!

  14. Sue


    I shouldn’t be, I have money, a family, friends a good job – what right do I have to feel this sad????

    Not only am I sad – I’m a coward , I want it all to end – but I’m scared it’ll hurt or won’t work – just a pill that would guarantee the end………..

    • Please Listen

      Why are you sad? There must be a reason? Please share your feelings and lets get to this bottom of this so a solution can be presented. You are so special and needed in this world you just have no idea.

  15. Jackson

    I tried but fial the answer is god god will helped me from not doing it he saved my life

  16. Please call someone. Life if such a gift. Wake up and give something back, send someone a smile. You matter in this world. You need to live to see your impact. Get ready to wow the world with your unique style. You have to be present to do it. Are you you in? Say yes and reach out!

  17. kizzy mack

    I just want to end it I have no care in the world for me its my kids that will be hurt nobody loves me but them and nobody cares about me but them I cant take it no longer in hurting everyday I’m sad down and unwanted everyplace I go I
    Wont be missed

    Wont be missed

    • stayposititve

      Arent your kids good enough reason to stay alive? Dont be selfish. You have no right to destroy their world.they love you and depend on you. Dont end it. Hugs to you

  18. J

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  19. Mary

    my son killed himself a year ago. We were very close and I don’t want to pretend to be part of this world anymore. Its not getting easier and I’m tired and broken. I’m also really pissed that he got it right.

    • Dear Mary, you’ve stayed my hand.
      My Momma has major depression amongst other issues and my sisters hold it against her. She is one of my best friends as she understands my shattered frame of mind though we rarely speak of it.
      She’d feel this way. I cannot hammer that nail into her coffin.

      Thank you for triggering this moment of clarity, but it sucks.
      May you find peace

  20. Duncan

    Far too many people on this planet. I will be doing a favour to the world. One less consumer of resources.

  21. April

    I am ready to die. I am a failure at everything i hate living and everyone would be better off without me. I am needing suggestions on clean ways. I dont want to use a gun because the police would take it away from my family. If i have a car wreck wouldnt be guaranteed and i dont want to hurt someone in another vehicle. I need smething quick and clean

    • richard

      Unfortunately the prohibition on drugs removed a lot of pill related options. Gone are the days of taking a handful of tuinal and seconal from the medicine cabinet. That was kind and effective. Do not mention any of this to anyone because they will know you are a poser and you will look like a pussy. But most importantly, you will lose access to guns and despite what the author says, guns are instant and effective. Who wants to look like a whiner that cried instead of following through? It is common info that people that talk about suicide are attention seekers and not serious. Nothing is worse than a whining blathering attention seeker that needs to be coddled. A 9mm or larger under the chin will work for sure.

  22. whatever

    Well I feel like I want to kill myself….I do know it will hurt those around me but I truly don’t know how much more I can take. My child told me he is transgender..ok no big deal. But I hate that there are so many issues aside from just that. He is heavy and borderline diabetic. I take him to meetings and him and myself are on meds. I gotta say I really don’t know how much more I can take. How do you look at your child and feel anger its so unfair. I cry all the time and just want out!!! Doesn’t matter what I try to do I cant make anything better.

    • stayposititve

      If you die what will your child feel? Have you thought of that? If he is obese and diabetic he needs medical help and obviously needs to looss weight. Havent you heard of stories of people loosing weight n gaining back health. You dont have to be depressed. Get out of it and fight for yours and your childs health. Take care.

  23. trying but dying

    it seems like everytime i try to get help something happens that convinces me suicide is the way to go. how do i deal with it

    • Apy

      Same here

  24. Person

    What’s the point of life if all you get is punishment, embarrassment, anxiety, depression, and hate. That’s what I’m going through and I’ve had enough of it! Just kill me now and I’ll be happy again. Know ones going to care in fact I am invisible, I don’t exist anymore so f**k life I’m out of here! But at the same time I can’t go my friends my family they need me. Help me my life is a disaster!

    • maria

      I think when we die we just return to the earth, no more joy but no more pain either. Just nothing. That doesn’t sound bad to me.
      It’s such a comforting fantasy… Going back to the earth.
      I just wish someone would kill me quickly so my loved ones wouldn’t suffer the thought I killed myself. I mean either way I’m going back to the earth but suicide is cruel to other people who care about you.
      I envy the people that are randomly killed. Why can’t I be at a school where a disgruntled student opens fire? Or sitting in a cafe when a suicide bomber detonates? Or a Tsunami swallow me up? Or a drunk driver rams into me killing me instantly?
      Universe are you listening, I’m just throwing out possible suggestions. Just make it quick and as painless as possible.

      • Cheryl

        back to the ” Promised Land”. Everytime I think of killing myself, I think of that place out on Eastern Long Island in NY, in the Town of East Hampton. The big burial mound where all the dead Native Americans go to die.

        • I live in Farmingville we can die together. help me help you. I will be on spring break soon in like two weeks. I will send you my email.

  25. Person

    I may be shy and quiet but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings. There are too many haters out there and to tell you the truth the world just stopped caring. This place just wasn’t meant for me. I try to forget about the pain inside but it just keeps coming back. I’m starting to feel as if anger is trying to take over me and get revenge on those who have hurt me I know it’s wrong but as mad at them as I am in need of someone who actually cares about me and my values. Help I want to die, I want to run away, but I don’t want anyone else to be in pain but I’ll do it if I have live in this careless world. Please stop me.

  26. Precious

    My career has finished, I am a single mum, family are tired of my sad stories everyday. I think of suicide everyday. ..but I am not going to kill myself because my daughtet has noone else to look after her.
    I don’t see any hope. I try to , but everytime I think I have figured it turns out o haven’t because years later its all going to go away again.
    Wheny daughter grows up and can loom after herself. I will kill myself

    • jthi

      i had the same thoughts. I have 2 schooling daughters and am just waiting for them to be independent. I hate my life for all the stupid mistakes i did while growing up. I am married but he is an ass. I am so tired of life. I can understand how you feel. I always hope for better days but it never comes. Take care

      • jase

        I am a male 26 years old I’m very talented at most things & well known & cared for around my area & still I don’t want to be here. I have had issues since primary school I once attempted to cut my throat. I feel I was misguided as a child, no focus on future goals, I was bullied alot and attended 3 high schools. When I was 21 I got a serious kick in for no reason left me with mental and physical scars. Often I have nightmares about it and I also have a massive urge for revenge that man got away with what he done to me. After that I met a girl and proposed and we planned on a baby, she then got pregnant and then aborted it. That messed me up and my anger became more intense. I found peace and love everyday with my black labradorite, he was my world as a kid he came everywhere with me out playing, to the shop. Everyone complimented him, he was one off a kind and my best friend. When he passed April last year that’s when I realised I needed help. From the bottom off my heart I despise the world we live in. January just past I played indoor football and the ball got stuck up in the steel. My mate was going to climb for it but I didn’t want him to hurt himself so I did it. It was a hard climb & very difficult. I got the ball but instead off climbing back down, I decided Fuck it & let go. I was having a bad day in my head that day so I fell 30feet just let go nd closed my eyes knowing I could do some damage. I landed feet first thinking my spine would Fuck up but it turned out to be a completely wrecked ankle. I don’t see the point to life. U work all ur days to become retired at an age where ur limited to doing things. I have the best bunch off people around me yet my mind is completely destroyed by these thoughts. It scares me when I realise what I am thinking about. I’m I brick wall type off person no one truly knows how I think and feel keep this stuff to myself usually. I’m always curious as to what happens after death but that’s just bible bathers that make u think there’s something better. The reality is there’s nothing it’s just lights out. God does not exist biggest BS ever. I would love to click my fingers and help everyone who feels the same as me and take there pain away. I will keep going sure I will have bad thoughts and want to die but I’m not going to let this world beat me up. I’m going to give it my best shot smile when am angry nd put my middle finger upto the haters. U only get one shot atleast go out knowing deep down u done great

      • Gunter the milfhunter

        Np m9 i still berieve in u, I cri everytim

    • stayposititve

      Hugs to you Precious. You are doing the right thing to hold on. Hope you find all the happiness in the world by the time your daughter grows up so that such horrible thoughts dont come again. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I too have two kids who have kept me going. And i try to find things to stay happy each day.its difficult but try it.

  27. Jimmy

    Currently, I just want to kill myself. I think hanging would be perfect for me.
    My life has been miserable for last 4 years. I am 18 years old boy and I am actually a good student.
    I have decent grades and I am the most famous dancer and singer in my school.
    Everyone thinks that I’m happy because of my popularity in school. I also have a girlfriend who is really a lover.
    However, my mom just can’t let me go sometimes.
    I have been under my mom’s control for last 4 years, critically judged and insulted.
    I understand how parents get angry when you have not satisfying grades. However, she always insults me and keep brings up all the past events that has been already 3 years ago.
    I told her to stop and just advice me and teach me when I get wrong. However, she would never listen.
    I talked to counselor about this but she also says to convince your mom with full respect.
    I do respect my parents with my full heart. I’ve never ever done something bad and malicious, because those actions would lead my parents’ disappointment.
    However, my mom still think I’m a son of a bitch.
    I know how much my mom loves me. I know her great care. However, I told her to please stop the judgements and comments if you truly care about me.
    My dad works in a different country, so I can’t really like have a good talk with him.
    This issue is also not a good idea to talk with friends.

    It was fun life. To be honest, I always wanted to be an idol in YG entertainment, but my mom also thinks chasing stupid dream makes me a failure.

    Please help me and if solutions don’t come out, well I guess it’s hanging.

    • Tito


      I’m a 30-something-year old father of three kids. I’ve had suicidal thoughts since I was ten years old. I still have them today, nearly every day. I think about making it look like an accident, like walking near a lake or pond and falling in, only to never come back to the surface. I think about shooting myself with the new gun I got for Christmas. I think about hanging myself sometimes too. The bottom line is though, as I’ve read before on other suicide websites, just try giving it another day. What’s one more day, one more hour, one more minute, if you’re about to end whatever time you have left on this earth? I think deep down inside, everyone has suicidal tendencies. Many act on those tendencies, many do not. I almost loaded my gun tonight, then I visited this website and decided I’m not in as much pain as others here. We’re all messed up to some degree. Let’s all just give it another day, another hour, another minute. God gave us minds to think, to better the world somehow. Just posting something online to someone else feeling your pain may just convince them to wait another day. Please wait another day, or two, or a couple weeks…When it’s your time to go, God will take you. Don’t take yourself out of the world so soon. Hang in there, you’ll probably want to kill yourself the rest of your life for other stupid stuff, but wait until you’ve lived a lot longer to experience the good stuff life brings. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

      • Brian

        Tito, you may have just saved me. Thank you

  28. vejkil

    i want die and to live please anyone tell what are the pills\tablets used tell their names

  29. vejkil

    please tell the pills name

  30. anitha

    I love my husband. But hr is not love me. I hate my life. But I have 4 years old daughter what can I do please help me

    • Tito


      Tonight my wife asked for a separation. We’ve got three kids, no money, a lot of debt, crappy jobs, little income, and I’m worried about how I’m going to keep the heat on the rest of this winter. I still have an Internet connection, despite it being ready to be shut off for non-payment. I thought about killing myself tonight with a new gun I got for Christmas. Then I read the article in the beginning of this website and thought about how much worse things would get if I survived. My wife thinks I’m the biggest loser in the world for the stuff I’ve done, my mood swings, heavy drinking, smoking cigarettes, etc. There’s not much greater pain than the loss of love, than loneliness, than isolation. I’m not sure if my wife will seek a divorce, (there’s no money to pay for one anyway), but no matter what, I’ve decided I’m going to live for my kids. My dad was an abusive drunk that beat my mother, me and my siblings. I’m not drinking tonight and haven’t had any alcohol in a couple days. Regardless of your husband’s and your issues, live for your daughter. This world’s too messed-up to leave your kid behind while you do something stupid. Get a grip and hang in there. You are loved…if not by your husband, your daughter loves you more than you can ever imagine. God Bless You!

      • jthi

        Hi tito, I can understand your situation but I am the wife and i cant blame your wife. To woman, a man should be the one that takes care of the family. Please try to find ways to keep ur family, It might not be easy but please the very best you can, There was never a day i never think of ending my life but i always think of my kids but never about him. So please try to get a better job and take charge of your family needs. Family is very important. Take care

        • Sorry people

          Forgive me but this needs to be said
          Your attitude is the type of attitude that has brought a large number of suicidal people to this site.
          It is sexism to say “a man should provide for his family”

          That’s exactly the same as saying ” a woman should provide daily sex and daycare”

          Any man or woman should be able to care for themselves and no man or woman is a sex object/daycare center.
          Being a female does not make you correct and being a male doesn’t make you wrong.

          I’m not defending or condemning tito’s alcoholism, or actions, but he and his wife need to both take care of the family, it’s not up to him as a man to do it, just like she isn’t his sex slave/daycare center.

          Men are told to “MAN UP” or “take it like a man” all day every day, there parents, bosses, lovers, and friends all use those exact words, however those words are the selfish words of someone who is trying to take advantage of them.

          Men have hearts and minds and feelings, they need love and respect just the same as women do. It’s easy to be sexist and feel justified in a sexist society, to any man reading this you are not alone. You work hard even if you don’t earn much, life is hard and you deserve to be loved and respected for what you do, you don’t deserve to be told to get a better job or work harder or to take it like a man, you deserve the same respect you give.

          Anyone who tells you to take it like a man or to man up is trying to take advantage of you.

  31. Mechanistic Existence

    The world were in can get better, but as long as people are unaware of the lies and deceit that the government and the politicians make. Were merely just robots to them, even the jobs we do create us into robots, and after years pass by and your old they then deicide to give you a break. When at that time you are fucked over by your body because your old and your likely to die in the recent years to come. This is what I see, and in my perspective the life that I have now was a interesting thing to the eyes of the spirit. But not to the eyes of me being a human and experiencing life for what it really is. This world is more like death than death is, I sincerely want to nothing to do with this life ever again. I rather be in spirit and roam about free from the physical limitations and slavery by the system. Do people really think that the system cares about them or that the leaders of the world care about us? No they don’t they are all fucking us over. And then they want to keep people here in their game by sending us to mental institutions that don’t do shit but lie and fuck us over even more. There’s nothing wrong with people, what is wrong is the system, it’s the system that causes these things. We have the technology to bring about world peace but guess what, these fuckers won’t do it because they are caught up in their own stupid greed. And then they act like they care about us, fuck them and fuck the system, I wish that when these fuckers die I could piss on their grave. To me the only true freedom is in death, death has the power to take you out of this world and take you somewhere else. That other place is what many people want because of the world we live in and see. If this world was perfect, there either wouldn’t be any religions or only a few religions, I guess either to explain death. But the paradise would be this world if it were so. I bet you that if all religions were to say if you commit suicide you will be taken to heaven and taken care of free of the troubles of the world. People would be killing themselves like crazy, especially the ones that are deeply rooted in whatever beliefs they have. We can already see that happening with Jihadists, Muslim fighters that die for Allah so that they can be rewarded in heaven.

  32. i tried

    I love my wife and she left me anyway, my kids are good but it’s not enough to end my pain and loneliness. I have tried to find someone new but just keep getting rejected again and again and again. Just adding to my pain. People try to give me hope but no one is really there for me. Cyanide seems to be a good way to go.

    • None u

      Where do you get cyanide?

  33. useless

    Ive felt alone my whole life i lost my dad last year, to be honest im just tired.

  34. e

    I’m thinking off taking my life tonight

    • HeartBroken

      how did you get on ?

  35. andy

    Please tell me what I have to live for.. I have two children but no way to support them. I can’t even find a healthy environment for them to be in. They are the reason I’m alive and it’s not like I’m doing them any favors.

  36. Tito

    STOP! Put the gun down. Take the bullets out. Flush the pills down the toilet. Untie that rope hanging from your rafters. Stop thinking about the end when in fact this is just the beginning! You all came here for a reason. Maybe it’s to share your story with the rest of us…to ease our pain and suffering even for a minute or two. Maybe you came to this website to sell yourself on the best way to kill yourself. Maybe you came here to find the courage to actually, finally, for once and for all actually have big enough balls to pull the trigger. Regardless of why you’re here, one thing’s for sure…even for the brief time it took you to read this, you stayed alive…Share your story with others, if not to save yourself, to save them, to save their family, friends, and loved ones. Remember, even Hitler was loved by his family. There’s nothing you did to deserve so much pain. Take a minute and share your story to help someone out for even a few more minutes….Don’t give up the fight just yet!

    • Pos

      Wtf r u doing on this site u obviously don’t belong here

  37. me

    I’m just fed up and very lonely. I can’t keep friends, and those I love soon go. I think the CO method will work for me using a hose from the exhaust through the window. I was thinking of taking my car to the countryside away from people and leaving signs for anyone who finds me to just call the authorities and not to open the car door or anything because it can be dangerous.

  38. Tito

    Thinking of killing yourself? Check this out first: It’s worth the time. You’re worth being kept alive. If not for you, for someone else. You might not know who at this time, but someone wants you to live.

  39. dead soon

    My life is a continuous loop of failures. Love life, financial instability…and it seems as if with each choice I make, I unknowingly worsen my situation. There is only one way I see to make it stop. To die, now, before it can get any worse.

  40. L

    These are good tips on how to just get it over with… I’m so sick and tired, and tired and sick…

  41. Li

    I have a horrible support system(none at all). My mom dad and siblings only come around when they want something. The sad part Is me and my husband are homeless so we have nothing to give… All his family was murdered when he was younger so there is no support at all from his cause their not here… I feel like a failure that my family is in this situation I just hate life and want to end it but the thought of not being here for my daughters scares me. But I also feel like I’m hindering my family by not them not being wr they should be.. I just wish I was dead n had the courage to end this miserable life of mine

  42. worthnothing

    hi im 6mos pregnant and is fvck as hell right now. i have a plastic bag next to me to suffocate myself and just die.
    i know icshould think more about my baby to continue life, but i just cant.

    im in so much pain now that i just cant handle, my boyfriend is leaving me and my unborn child. im 22yo and i dont think i can stand this all alone.

    id want to rest in peace now.

  43. 3rd times the charm

    First two times failed I feel like even though I’m still alive im already dead. Nobody could even begin to know the amount of pain I feel every single day anxiety and depression is getting to be too much for me too handle so I thought this time ill get it right haha who knew google really does have the answer for everything. Think ill go with the sleeping pills. But perhaps wait a little while longer till I figure out the perfect place. And till I can get sleeping pills.

  44. shahrukh

    my life is so lonely.i am worthless in this world.last year i joined software engg but the c++ programming subject didn’t go well and i m struggling in it.i m very weak in studies especially in programming subject. Also i don’t have any girlfriend or any closest friend whom i talk to or to share my feelings. nobody even looks at me or care about me in university or anywhere.sometimes i feel broken that i have no use in this universe and sometimes i think that i will not be able to survive in this world financially as the competition is so high. so i have no love and i have no friend and i have no future as i am fucking weak in programming the basic subject of computer and i am also alone so whats the point of living.very soon i will be broken into peaces and i will have a poor miserable life.i just want to end this miserable life which has no meaning in my dictionary :-((

    • aaron

      Your university will have people there who you can talk to, have you spoken to a counsellor?

      • shahrukh

        no i haven’t talked to him but its no use..only suicide is the solution of all my problems .i cant deal with this life anymore…

    • Please Listen

      There are 2 types of problems in life. Temporary and Permanent. You my friend have a temporary problem. It is all in your hands. All you have to do is give 100% of your effort into what you are trying to accomplish. You will find the right career for yourself and someone who will care about you. But in order to do tat you have to have a positive outlook. I want to help you. If you need to talk let me know.

  45. Hunter

    Im reading all these comments about “Dont do it your family will miss you” but for me personally I would do it to punish my family for the horrible way theyve treated me and all the dignity theyve taken from me. They use hurtful words and actions on purpose and I cant take itanymore. I dont even live with them anymore but they still know how to control me and suffocate me and isolate me and im done im done im done!! I dont want medical help because im too proud to be put on all these pills that will mess with my head theres nothing wrong with me I just cant handle all these outside forces bearing down on me im done with everything im only still alive now because I love my dog and he needs me he is my best friend

    • Please Listen

      The best way to get back at your family is to live happily. Do not let them defeat you. Live your life with a smile that way you are the one who won and not them.

  46. Shiva Kumar

    Hai am thnkg abiu sucide will u plz help me

  47. doesnt mtrs

    From whr i can get a gun?? Plz tell me… And if not psble thn potassium cyanide… Whr i wl gt dt in west bengal?? Plzz hlp me….

  48. Um

    I’m.. Giving up. Seriously, no one needs me or cares. No one loves me. I’m going to die painfully.. Bye.

    • sandeep

      who’s said no one loves me …everbody loves you

    • ckurree

      lets die together

  49. zhr

    most of the pills are restricted, how can I reach painless death ?

  50. TC

    Oh my goodness. The comment section of this post breaks my heart. If anyone needs help please please please send me a message ( or, anonymously if you like. I am 100% willing to listen and to help anyone. I am lonely too.

  51. Marcus

    I just want a painless death

    • Nathan

      Then wait until you get old enough.
      Committing suicide is not heroic, I would call it stupid.
      The best thing in life is life itself and you want to take away just that!!

  52. I would love a quick and painless death. I’ve had enough of life. I truly have. It’s so dull, boring, and being poor every day is a struggle. My cat was put to sleep last month, the vet simply injected the IV drip with barbiturates and it literally took 5 seconds for kitty to die, looked like she was sleeping. Why can’t humans have that, surely if we want to go it is our right? So looking rationally at the options, i think the best way, cleanest and as painless as possible is overdose on pills. That’s my option.

    • oh so tired

      That does sound nice, m owen, the way cats and dogs can be put down peacefully. Just to drift off and never wake up. Wish I could tell you not to do it, but not telling myself not to so why should I tell you? I don’t know your life, but I do know how despair feels. Pills seems like best option to me too, but so prone to failure. I know. I tried before, but was too weak and got help. Scary stuff.

    • Anne

      I enjoy the thought of death, and i would choose the gas option painless you just go to sleep, but even thou i have no reason to live i plod my way thru, for what reason im not sure.

    • Nathan

      If I was going to attempt suicide I would probably call the suicide prevention line before posting about it in a comment section. Please make us happier by not killing yourself.

  53. oh so tired

    Just so tired of it all. They say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but it still makes it a solution. I have so much that I don’t want to face. And yes I have family and friends who care deeply and would be devastated but they’d get over it eventually. They all have people in their lives that are more important to them. I’m terminally single with no desire to marry but that means I have to face that I’ll never be #1 to anyone. I want to quit but am too afraid I’d fail. Haven’t eaten dinner yet tonight just in case. Don’t want to dilute.

    • oh so tired

      drinking wine, haven’t eaten and may take pills. Scared right now but not enough to fight my way back to life.

      • oh so tired

        anyone out there?

        • Please Listen

          Yes. I am out here. If you need to talk to someone it would be my pleasure. Just let me know.

          • bn

            In need of help if someone can……

  54. anonymous

    I’m done with life….someone help me

    • Please Listen

      Why are you done with life? Please talk to me. I can help…

  55. sick

    It’s this feeling of being completely dead and hollow inside for so long that is the worst pain I have ever experienced. Each day I try to keep going it only hurts more. I have to get out. I am no longer myself and can barely function…just a body existing right now. I have tried to overdose twice, have tried the plastic bag but couldn’t go through with it, and am now trying to research hanging…any help please?

  56. Kuki

    I also thinking about death

  57. ckurree

    im thinking about how can i die easily .

  58. ckurree

    im thinking about how can i die easily with no one can hear me

  59. Missy

    I’ve made a huge mistake, I jeopardised my career and my new relationship. I’ve been through alot and I can’t cope anymore. I can’t tell my parents as they’ll be mad and disappointed but my partner is going to tell them. He hates me now and says I’m disgusting and an evil bitch. It’s my own fault. There’s only one way out. I’m sorry.

    • Please Listen

      Hi MIssy,
      I am a friend who is going through unbearable pain just like you. But honestly your problem sounds temporary to me. We all make mistakes and even though it is overwhelming right now you can still fix your life. it is in your hands. Mistake are part of life. Please if you need to talk I will talk you through this. You are not alone and I promise time will heal all. You are very important to this world otherwise you would not be here.

  60. POS

    Anyone know someone with a machine gun and backhoe that would take care of a lot of us

  61. nick

    Im a faggot and I wanna die…

    • alex

      i’mma a faggot and I’m proud

    • alex

      but that’s not why I wanna die

  62. nick

    Goodbye world

  63. ESF

    If life does not change and shit just keeps getting worse what’s the fucking point. I want to die so bad. It’s literary all I think about. The only reason I’m still here is off the strength of my children.

  64. John karter

    I cut my wrist once but didn’t work out
    Times here time to say bye

  65. dom

    i am soooo tired. all i do right is crying. every dingle part of my body hurt i dont know what to do anymore

  66. Jaime

    I think about committing suicide almost every day . Not that I don’t have a good life or a loving family, but I always see death as the realm of truth, somewhere where I can always be free from this shitty, worthless, needy flesh that shackles me within the confinements of desire, need and pain and thus distracts me from seeing the truth. I mean seriously what’s the truth ? Seems to me you can’t realize the purpose and meaning behind the enigma of creation unless you die.
    I really want to see what’s on the other side ? What will happen after death? Because life is a totally tedious repetitive process. In order to understand what I’m talking about, just imagine all your purposes and goals for one second. We all define goals for ourselves in order to be able to move on and we cultivate this illusion of happiness as the thing that we’ll finally achieve if we try hard enough to achieve our goals, but have we ever truly found happiness by achieving our goals??? I don’t think so. Why? Because the very instant you achieve one goal, it becomes totally worthless so you have to define another and then another and so forth…Thing is, this illusion of happiness is merely a shadow that you are chasing; the closer you get to it, the further it goes from you. And when you realize that there is no such thing as happiness, you will also realize that your whole life is nothing but a joke. We all look like a bunch of idiots who are running in circles to catch our own shadows but to no avail.
    Maybe the things that I said are just a bunch of crappy opinions caused by depression. But I can’t stand this illusion of life anymore . I think it’s time to wake up! Hope I see you guys on the other side and maybe we would be able to find the answer there.

  67. No Choice

    I hate this. I know my family will hurt and I will pay for this in the next world. But seriously what choice do I have? They say suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems but what if the problem is not temporary but permanent? What if everyday is a struggle and is filled with suffering disappointment and hopelessness. I do not want to do this but honestly the thought of living causes me more pain than the thought of killing myself and everything that comes with it. I am sorry that my family will have to go through the pain I really am I wish I had no family and no one who cared about me. I just want to be left alone and I want to free myself of this world.

  68. No Choice

    If I had a gun I would have already killed myself. The only thing stopping me now is that I do not know how to do this.

  69. Ricky

    i dont know what to do…i have no reason to live..Except for my parents no one loves me…no one,,,,i am all alone..besides dat i am just a dull-headed person …God hasnt given me anything…no skills…no talent…no brains…what should i do? i cant make my parents happy…i want to die…

  70. Ranna

    if you ever feel like talking about your feelings please contact me ( and I will defiantly hear your heart out. Some people say it’s easier to talk to a complete stranger about your feelings because the stranger is a stranger hence they don’t know anything about you people tend to feel more comfortable that way. I’m a good listener. I don’t judge people. Please contact me before you even think of hurting yourself

    Your Sincerely stranger :-)

    Fighting !!!!

  71. Scott M

    I give up trying to live, I’m intrigued by the possible ways to suicide, I have tried many times to do something about my life, it goes nowhere, I hope everyone pulls through what can be changed, enjoy life while you can.

  72. Susan

    I have prayed to God to end my life. I have prayed that he spare another’s life that has meaning, and take mine instead. I have many blessings. My sorrow is even greater knowing I have so much, but cannot find the desire to live. I am tired of telling myself tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is just tomorrow, another day that I believe I do not deserve. Reading these other posts, the despair, the hopelessness, only seems to confirm mine. To breathe is a bother. I feel such clarity In knowing that this world is not where I belong.

  73. alex

    I came to this site because I was looking for an easy way out of all of the pain and suffering I’ve been going through……but I’ve been reading all of the comments and I’ve noticed their are alot more people that feel the same pain as me… and that makes me feel alot better… when people say that suicide isn’t the answer I give them a funny look…. i do that because we’re all just gonna end up dying anyway…. and suicide just takes all the pain and suffering away… i know what your all gonna say, think about the people that love u… well if those people actually do love me then they would cross over with me…. i would save them all the suffering that may come in the future… if people may miss them then there’s always enough room on the other side… why do I want to commit suicide u may ask? why do I say suicide isn’t a bad thing? well I say this because when I was younger I was extremely close to my grand father. but one day he was acting funny he took me and my cousin down to the cellar, he put a chain on my leg that was connected to the wall. and he took my cousin and chained both of her arms to the wall… we were side by side to each other… he told us it was a surprise when we asked what he was doing… then u heard him go on to the phone and call someone… and about 10 mins later this man showed up… and for some reason he was rubbing me and my cousin… and that was when it happened, my grand father had sold us for drug money… and when the man left my grand father took a knife to my neck and said if I told any one then he would kill me and everyone I loved… i never told anyone… but I can’t say the same for my cousin, she told her mom 2 years later and my grand father went to jail but he was only in there for 1 year… and still to this day I’ve been dealing with the memories for 3 years non stop nightmares and still no one knows I was also rapped… and since then I’ve been having really bad problems with my parents… and that lead me to having a life on the streets… always in and out of jail.. addicted to drugs…all this happened when I was 10, I was rapped and sold for drug money when I was 10 years old… what I’m trying to say is suicide isn’t bad it’s just a way out of a bad situation and don’t worry about the people that will miss u… ull see them sooner or later. now you can decide when your time is… and if u still aren’t sure about suicide go and see a therapist, didn’t work for me but it may for u… good luck…

  74. IDC

    I just want to die because people think I’m fat and ugly… People don’t love me. My grandparents tried to kill me and my own parents treat me like nothing compared to my siblings. That’s it, I’m done. Where’s the drugs?

  75. P

    It’s time. I had a wonderful life, but I can no longer walk. Two time through Yale. Seventeen years abroad in war zones. It was a rich and fulfilling life. It’s just over now. Tomorrow is the day.

  76. Nobody23

    I’ve got hiv, am dying anyway. Just a matter of time

  77. Girl

    I think the point of mojarioty is that none of us are loved or feel remotely loved. I personally have no “loved ones.” No family… Nothing. If I die… Well than what? A cricket might churp. I have been thinking of suicide a lot. I have already tried overdose many times, & recently hanging. I obviously ddnt have the strength enough to follow through. Honestly bc I did it in front of a mirror & when I saw myself. The blood building in my eyes & the lack of care. I did it so fast, and that’s what I think made me stop, & how willing I was to end my life. I don’t care about money or bills, I’ve been to the bottom & came bk to the top. There’s nothing there. What’s my life if there’s no one to care for it. What’s the point of living if I’m not loved. I have had two close friends take their lives this year, 1 by hanging & the other w his shotgun… But when they died, sadly I understood.

  78. yes man

    hey all of u…y not start medicaation so u will know urself better than alone…

  79. Daddy's little girl

    I give up……
    I’m so fed up of this life and I’m not even close to dying. I’m tired due to the amount if pressure the world places upon my shoulders. It’s very easy to have goals in life, the perfect career, the perfect car, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect house, but in order to attain the mere possibility of that dream becoming reality one has to suffer so much. Eventually you realise that all of this is just a façade, for the world to see, for my mother to say “that’s my daughter”, for my family members and friends who wished ill for me to have it shoved up their asses. WHAT DO I GAIN? Should I keep putting up the fake smile to please everyone?
    I’ve done that for the past 9 years of my life.
    If I go no one will miss me. The people that will may only miss me for a short while. Their love for me isn’t that deep. My mother won’t miss my presence because all I do in her life is take up her valuable time with her beloved son. She will be happy to know that she won’t have to waste any more money on her useless daughter, more money to spend on her dearly beloved.
    I want my father. He was the only person that truly loved me. The day he decided that he was going to fix everything, the puppet master took him from us the very next day. His last words to me “see you later Alligator”. He never fulfilled that promise. He left his little girl behind, with no one to truly love her. Everyone just tries to find new ways to her hurt her and break her down. There’s no one to protect her, her knight in shining armour was stolen.
    I want to go to him….. I need his comforting embrace…. I can’t live without him anymore….
    If god won’t help me get to my daddy then I will help myself, because god helps those who help themselves…..

    • THANX


  80. sak

    I think about committing suicide almost every day. Please tell me the successful way to do it

  81. Donna

    I have a friend who got help and ended it without pain. I am going to use the same guy to help me.

  82. AJ

    I’m almost 44 now. Will be in June. After a drug (kat) addiction of two years I’m clean now for more than four. But getting rid of that stigma and finding employment is impossible now. My wife of 15 yrs divorced me and basically lost my kids or rather I’m not part of their lives. Sick and tired of living from scraps of food, old bread and porridge. I’m all alone and it seems God has decided not to give me a partner again. Tried gassing myself in a car but couldn’t stand the eye burning and got out in time. Drank 225 grams of ant/termite poison about a week ago and now I’ve only got severe stomach aches and cramps. Tried about 4 times tonite to cut the blood flow to brain in the neck without suffocating myself but… Doesn’t work or I’m not doing it right. I’m done with this life and crying and sobbing. Another word for depression is self pity. I even cry if something good happens. Please help with ideas!!

  83. Cate

    Well here I am, not wanting to be here … Life can be cruel to most of us… I am one to mind my business and I don’t bother anyone. I live a private life .. As a child my father left when I was 4. Me, my sister and mother were homeless for many yrs. We bounced from home to home and to different shelters. Some winters I didn’t have a coat ..
    One year my mother sent me to live with my uncle and his family … While living with my uncle he tried to sexually moleste me. Till this day Ive never told anyone. As I got older, I had 2 children by the age of 19 and their father was incarcerated facing 25 yrs to life . My children were only 3 weeks old and 3 yrs old … That was in 1997. And now we are in 2015 …. I am 37 yrs old, every 2 yrs I’m losing my job … My debts are over 20,000 … My lights are due to be turned off in 3 days. I owe rent as well. I was counting on my tax refund and that was taken away from me because I owe student loans … I can’t help my children out with anything. I feel like I have failed at life. I feel as if I’m better off dead and my children are better off without me … As if God doesn’t love me…. Why does God continue to bless those that aren’t in need of any help ???
    At this present time I have 3 children and a god daughter that depend on me for everything and I can’t do anything for them. I cry all the time. My heart is heavy ….. I wish God would just take me away … I tried commuting suicide in the past but the pills were pumped out my stomach and I was placed I a crazy house .. This time around I just want to go … I honestly do believe that I will never be happy. I serve no purpose in life. Why was I placed here, to suffer ??

  84. wondering

    I always wanted to know what it’d be like to die. I don’t want to kill myself because I don’t want to cause that harm to my family and friends. But if I were in a situation where my life was threatened I wouldn’t worry or be mad, I would embrace dying. The world is just too much of a scary and hard place that dying would be an easy alternative and would save some time.

  85. Why do I try any more All is Lossed Why do i feel this i have so much Thought Like Shotting My school or just Leaving and Killing Myself noone will ever Find me EVer ever again

  86. Why should i Live any more This World is THe worest Place.

  87. Mariah

    I’ve been thinking about suicide for over a year now. At my core I am nothing but a sad, pathetic girl. I drag everyone around me down because of my problems and I can tell they are growing to resent me because of it. I developed an eating disorder about a year ago and it has taken a huge toll on not only myself but my family. I am nothing but a burden. I am fat, have terrible acne, I even have disgusting warts that completely cover one of my legs to the point that I can’t wear shorts. I don’t leave my house because I cannot bear how awful I look. I know what others think of me, how truly ugly they think I am. Boys my age have no interest in me unless it involves calling me means names and pointing out my flaws. I’m so young and so sad, I just know it won’t get better… not this time. I’m going to end my life and soon, just trying to decide on the least painful method. I just hope when I go people remember me as the happy girl I once was and not the monster I’ve become.

  88. Sean

    What’s the point?

  89. Jam

    Im tired of everything. The man i love gave up on me. I dont know what to do. Help me.

  90. Greg

    I’ve been mentally sick for many years now and I am going to take the easy way out now. I have put my friends and family through a lot and I thi this will be best for all. I’ve spoke to people but no one understands. I’ve been in hospital spoke to people with my condition but everyone is different and I don’t understand life.

  91. Andy

    I’ve been let down by the most wonderful girl on this planet. After all we had she just decided she doesn’t want it anymore. We had the real fairytale love, so very happy and all so perfect. Got all set up, the house, everything. Then she simply decides to push me away. She says she cares but in reality she doesn’t. And THAT is what hurts the most. My heart burns for her but I’m unloved and empty without her. THERE IS NOTHING THAT COMPARES WITH SUCH PAIN! I want, I NEED to end this suffering now. If I could get a gun I’d use it. There si nothing anyone can say. Been there, heard it all. But it doesn’t lessen this torture, this unbearable pain. I NEED out. Now.

  92. andy

    Donna, can you send me details? I’m desperate to end this NOW. I’m on

    Please help

  93. UG

    sometimes you have to think about suicide even its not easy but often circumstances make you think that its better to leave this shitty world. Like in my case. I think I am the worst and the useless creature on earth who dont even have the right to live. every next day brings troubles, depression, stress. And the worst feel is that when you know you are the reason for your spouse’s troubles (even if its not your mistake). Right now, i dont know what would I be doing but seriously, I am gonna suicide very soon.

  94. Richard

    I’m alcoholic and I don’t want that bastard to kill me. It would have won.

  95. Richard

    I’m alcoholic and I don’t want this bastard to kill me, I want to do it myself.

  96. Richard

    I don’t want this please.

  97. anon

    I went for help from an infection I was being treated for and depression about it. They destroyed me by putting me on this drug that totally ruined my nervous system. My eyesight is damaged, my sense of touch, my ability to sleep right or have normal sexual feelings. I had worked so so so hard for ten months to get diagnosed and get better for my family and my hope to help other people and the ones I trusted destroyed me with a bad drug they should never give anyone. I was not delusional so I never should have got that drug. Now, I was almost committed to a mental house because of how bad it hurt my body and I could not prove it and I had to admit to lies in court to gain freedom and know I am experiencing more and more brain damage that is not reversible from the withdrawal and my disease that no one is treating now. I want to die very much to escape the loss of everything I held dear and my pride and also the financial shit because I can’t work. I know guns are easy but they are hard to get and they you leave a mess. I contacted a right to die place but they can’t help til you are terminal and no one knows what the hell is wrong with my body except the infection which half the doctors don’t treat. I worked so hard and I want to die because my problem is now permanent though two months ago I had everything to live for. Actually I would take the psychiatrist down too if that weren’t evil and wrong. I want to die with a clean conscience. It’s just that they can ruin someone’s body and life and make you look crazy and leave you in the ditch when all you wanted was HELP.

  98. LostLife

    Ya I’m pretty tired of this life. There is not much if anything to look forward to. I’m in a marriage of almost 30 yrs that for all intents and purposes is a marriage of responsibility, nothing more. No love no attachment no intimacy. Pretty sad in my opinion since I’ve spent all my life just trying to make a living for my family, and do things that would bring happiness to my wife and kids. At least I’m past the two year point of incontestability on my life insurance,so she will get some money. I have thought many times about leaving and trying to start anew, but with all the ancillary problems that would produce, is it really a path to happiness? I think not. Honestly just very sad about the whole thing.

  99. JustAnotherName

    The hope of being cared for and loved is the only thing that has kept me alive thus far, sometimes that hope wears thin.

  100. F u

    I really want to kill myself but I am afraid to. I don’t have the equipments to kill myself painlessly. Yet I don’t want to end my life in pain. Please help. My family doesn’t care about me and I don’t really have friends or a future anyways. And don’t give me all that stupid nice talk. That’s the last fucking thing I want to hear, especially from a stranger.

    • Enderman0304

      Ikr…..Kill me now

  101. DONT DO IT!

    Anyone, do not ever kill yourself. I know things could get rough, but with God, everything will be perfect. Everything will be in perfect place. Just pray to Him and worship Him. When you die, it doesn’t end there, there’s life after death. Believe in God. You’re problems will all end. God is good. Each and everyone of you is amazing. God will never leave you and He is always there. Don’t commit suicide, because suicide is a sin, and you might end up in hell and it would be a lot more worse. I was so sad reading all these comments, so is God because you are all His sons and daughters. Trust me, everything will get better, just trust God with all your heart and soul. Hope I helped. DO NOT EVER COMMIT SUICIDE PLEASE. WORSHIP GOD. :)

  102. TRUST ME

    DON’T KILL YOURSELF! God is right here. Stop worrying. Don’t ever continue killing yourself. Because you will regret it after death I promise. It doesn’t end there. God is real. Worship God and He will answer you and solve all your problems. God is good. Things might only get worse, because suicide is a sin, and you might end up in hell, which is so much worse than what you’re going through. That’s nothing compared to hell. Just worship God. Everything will get better. God is good. Just pray. Trust me. I know I’m only a stranger but I know what I’m doing. Just try it. You’re living for a reason. A wonderful reason. You can get past through everything. :)

    • Enderman0304

      I don’t care

  103. planning to kill myself

    am planning to kill myself.. God does not exist and I proved that.. inspite of my constant prayers and surrendering my life, my spirit and my future to Him.. I keep on financially poor everyday that will surely put us in a state of broke.. i am jobless and could not get employment due to my age and by May 2015 we will be evicted.. where shall I go?

    • Enderman0304

      I am really getting desperate.I mean like today is my birthday.You think I would be all happy right?Yeah right.Nobody even cares about me.95% of my classmates don’t even know when my birthday is.My so-called friends are jerks anyways.

      • Stressed

        I think that your observation of life and the pursuit of happiness is very insightful. You sound like a rather interesting person. How about you learn how to be content rather than chasing happiness and/or checking out…

  104. Michael

    In the Suffocation method, death is not caused by carbon dioxide build-up in the bag if one has helium, nitrogen, or some similar gas blowing into the bag enclosing one’s head. The gas displaces both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood is the primary trigger the body uses to detect that it’s suffocating, not lack of oxygen. Though the body does measure blood oxygen (via the carotid body), this doesn’t generate any sensible feedback for most people, which is why many people fail to breathe fast enough at high altitudes, and so suffer anoxia when merely breathing faster would take care of their oxygen needs. For the vast majority of people, breathing pure helium or nitrogen will lead to anoxia, unconciousness, and death without the body “realizing” what’s going on. While I’ve never tried it, it should be painless and quick (brain death in less than 10 minutes).

    • richard

      Thank you Michael. A very clear and concise post on a very cheap and easily accomplished method. Well done and thank you for remaining on topic and not accommodating the blathering attention seekers.

  105. sg

    I can’t take it anymore. What is the point of my life. My life is just filled with pain. People put you down. My dad treats me like the biggest shit in the world. I guess I’m just a bother for him and everybody else. Well hopefully I will finally find some peace in life today

  106. My birtyday is on the 11/3/15 turning 12. In school I dont get picked on any more. Its out side. I know i am fat. No 1 leaves me alone i always get abbused They beat me up. I tell my mom that i wana die. And she tells me it soon be over that we will have a better life. My real father was never there for me But my step father is always here Just today I went on facebook and I saw that some guys took pic of me up on facebook. When i look at the comments I see that no 1 says stop bulling him all they do is keep torementing him I only have 2 freinds that are there for me. I know sucide is not the answer. I dont think that I am ever gona get better everyday it gets worse. This is what I am gona do wait till my mom goes to work and then sucide I yet dont know if I want to leave her a message on facebook or leave a note but I sure that no one can stop me from sucideing. I think i am going to do it after my birthday so my mom wont feel as bad. I gona tell every one of my family that i love them so I gues I gona do it on the 15/3/15

  107. Allie

    My parents don’t care about me anymore, my cats keep dying, my friends treat me like shit. When I try to talk to them all I get is: “We care! Don’t kill yourself!” They don’t care. By the way people, I’m 12. So if you think you have problems… listen to me. My life is a failure, I am a worthless. stupid, human who doesn’t deserve to live. I literally curled up in my basement with a piece of broken plastic trying to slit my wrists, and cried for 4 hours straight. I think I’m going insane or something. I stopped eating right, I started having weird sleeping problems, I would cry at random times of the day for no reason. But then I talked to my friend, she felt the same way. I looked up some reasons NOT to kill myself. I still want to. But those websites helped me a lot. Now I don’t want to commit suicide as much. Look up, “Why not to commit suicide.” They tell you to think of your loved ones, and think of all the wonderful things you are gonna lose if you kill yourself.
    By the way…. anyone know how much NyQuil it can take to kill me fast?

  108. Andrew

    I wish I was a father at 12 or 13 then maybe I would not be ashamed of myself I am going to be 30 this year and still have not been with any female in any way dating or anything I have always wanted sex and thought about it since I can remember all the way back to age five but because I knew not every young person may think like me I kept to myself on the sidelines and did NOT share my feelings or what was on my mind with ANYone I feel like I should die since I have spent the past 25 years wanting something so much however I never experienced it because I was afraid society would disapprove of me for sexual desires when that is the one normal thing living creatures go through and the United States Religious people frown on Im too old to be able to be honest with a female about not ever being in a relationship they ask why not and I have NO answer at all All I wanted since I was ten was to be a father as soon as possible however I did not want to take away a female’s education

    • Kinectthefuture

      This is why I may go to a gun show this weekend to maybe perhaps pick out a gun or something that will help me I have only brought negativity to my family and I have no friends so why not kill myself it will stop the heart filled pain My country really cares only about money, power, and profits and someone who makes less that $10 an hour will never change the future if they have a learning disability that prevents them from being a successful human being for someone like me it does not matter if I am given the option to go to community college with government help I take two-three times as long as everyone else to get the same schoolwork accomplished and that spells failure If I find a way I may pay someone to kill me so that way it technically would NOT be a suicide in the eyes of the public I may not be rich but I do have common sense to know that the American Dream is a right not a privilege to the richest people in America and that anyone who does NOT believe this should read more

  109. mo

    i am tired of life and struggling and never ending problem with money and help. i have two kids crying all the time and we have no help. my employer is a fucking bastard who reduce the money every year and the rent goes up and up…i reallly wanna crash my car and kill everyone around me.especially the fucking employer and then my kids who dont deserve to live in this uglly world ….i hate god allah and every fucking spritual thing who enjoy seeing us in pain….

  110. Rrrrrr

    Which is the fastest, least painful/messy way. Dont wanna mess up the whole neighbourhood nor get the fucking neighbours talking. My conclusion is probably to jump at a location far away from my residence and leave the contact details on where to send my dead body to. Then i have gmail delay mail app set to send my farewell message to only the people i wanna thank and apologise to… Which will send it out in under 24hours.

    So those who need to know, know. And those who dont need to know will be the last to find out.

    I assume 13 storeys is high enough right? Or 20 is a confirm insta-kill? Any statistics on this?

  111. elizabeth

    my boy friend just broke up with me and im seriously going to cut……

  112. Cr7

    Thankyou :) They wud surely help me

  113. Rrrrr

    I also realise to numb one’s self preservation instinct…apply alcohol to said problem. Be sure to write a proper suicide note so people dont think it was an accident but an actual suicide. So…on another site it says u need minimum 75m height and be sure to land on your head when jumping and landing on a hard ground. That equates to 10 to 15 storeys. So before the jump i plan to drink a bottle of Walker. Once i am more numb i can focus on getting over the ledge and landing head first. Said notes will be mailed out by gmail delayed sending app. No one will have time to react to it to make any speeches. And i am finally set free from this cursed body i am encased in. My mom really aborted the wrong child…she should have aborted me instead but i have to live 30 years of hell to find out.

  114. S

    this was not useful to me at all, none of these methods seem appealing in any way. If anyone knows a fast, painless way please tell me (high success rate as well, I don’t fancy living with a horrible disability for the rest of my life)

  115. Vicki

    I failed at my 2 suicide attempts, and let me tell you life is worst when you survive so make sure you do it properly, I wish I never woke up. After years of suffering you should be able to make a choice and have it certified by a doctor. I think my doctor would put me down like the vet does cause I will never get better and have no one in life. It is cruel for me to have to live.

  116. fran

    My husband choked me and now he blames me for ruining his life, he said last night he wants to separate and he would not marry me if he could do it over, he told me to take the bottle of pills and do everyone a favor.I am alone except for him and my 10 year old…my family is in Washington and I moved to Georgia for my husband and he hates me, tells me I am not worth his time, I should kill myself so I don’t infect my kids, he is right I am insecure and pitiful and weak I have no business living and ruining everyone’s life, I have prescription pain meds and zanex I am going to do it, I just don’t want my 10 to find me so finding a place is tricky…..any ideas.

  117. Friend

    Hello friends…………….. Like many people i too had good times and bad times,some times its hard to belive,some times our happiness in our life may not be equal to sadness..i too had problems,since my 8th standard i was suffering from disability ,the one who used to respect me started teasing me, some of the public laughs at me when i cant hear……. In the begining of my disability i used to feel sad and frustrated when some one calls me deaf or teased me but latter i admitted my defects i proudly said the people that im disabled….why should we feel shy when we didnt do any mistake?why we need to hide ourself? Im not even a toper,i cant hear the class and also financially backward but if you see from other side i feel that im stronger than before because i can study and understand myself without any teaching, now im persuing both chartered accountancy and bachelor of commerce this still doesnt mean that im succesfull,even though i did selfstudy i failed in CA inter but later passed………. As said by one person in the comment its true that there are two failures one is permanent and second is temporary. I can explain it from my story itself. If you see im failure in finance and education which is temporary, its temporary so i passed again and im 19years old so i can work in future to be financially the disability is permanent,i cant change it but the only option left is just admit and proceed further. Some times we feel as we were alone in the universe with cut throat competition,yes its true there is a lot of competition we cant say all had equal capabilities…some and rich some are poor some are good some are bad but everybody is competiting each other he i think we cant created equality but i think everybody thinks that they are in competition…..! You may not recognise your capabilities or how lucky you were when compared to millions,if you feel angry for comparing then just stop comparing with all persons just think that you need to compete yourself……………….. If you feel that you are alone then you are welcome to chat with me.please give me an opportunity.! My email id is

  118. Friend

    Once imagine how horrible it would be when you made an attempt to kill your self but left alive by loosing all your arms.

  119. chris

    Sooo idk I’ve tried drinking myself to endless sleep even tried to mix it with drugs nothing is working…kike I’ve drinking soon much I pass out black out drunk every night help plz

  120. J0n@ThaN Yiippppy I can't wait to DIE

    Behold! For I am Satan’s right hand Demon incarnated on Earth. All you lambs to the slaughter will be instantly transported to the dark underworld where we shall drink from the cup of many virgins’ vaginal blood and party 24/7 with drugs, sex and heavy metal music concerts.

    NAH WHO AM I KIDDING, I’m just another lost soul who wants to die ASAP. I’ve had 10 head shock treatments and I am forced to take bullshit mind numbing medication. I will probably die a virgin but I don’t care. Having a date with death seems so comforting. And I guess I’m also a fat, lazy, dumb, useless 20 year old boy who hasn’t accomplished anything worth shit. I WANNA DIE BUT I’M A SCAREDY CAT TO DO IT. FUCK MY LIFE!

  121. guguli

    my mother and father never give me peace in my home..they always treat me like animals .i know i should see the adulthood but i cannot bear them any more.i want to die……..


    I might be next
    After loosing my job from 15 years


      don’t know why I end up there but was searching for a painless way

  123. Matt

    I’ve tried an exit bag, hanging, and overdose and they didn’t work that three off the list I’m going to continue in this list until I’m successful

  124. Empty

    Parents died young, no friends. No one. Anyone know the quickest way to end. I don’t want to live to regret the unsuccessful suicide.

  125. love u

    The pain may fade but the scars remain serving us as a reminder of our hurt…this is my favourite quote as it truly applies to my life. Yes its true that living hurt, every single hour of everyday….but I m just going though life becoz I have a responsibility….a younger brother who is naïve to this cruel world…who finds happiness even in little things and looking at him I wonder where is that part of myself which only thought about playing with friends, watching tv and dancing in the shower….I can’t put my brother though the pain of spending his life wondering for answers or in despair or hating himself for a decision I make today….hence I continue to live… not for myself but for the little angel who looks upon me to take care of him and to read his bed time stories…

  126. Michael

    Suicide is not for children. If you are at least not over 24 years old, you haven’t yet completed the major life transitions that replace or otherwise eliminate the burdens you’re feeling now. Talk to a doctor. Talk to a teacher. Pick one adult you respect and trust and tell them how you feel. Let an adult be your advocate.

    If you’re over 50, you definitely know how to make the decision. Somewhere between 25 and 50, people learn the value of their own life. Nobody who’s subject to the turmoil of childhood and/or puberty can make the considered decision necessary to avoid one of the most tragic mistakes anyone can make.

    • Michael

      I meant to say, “If you are not at least over 24 years old, …”

  127. Michael

    Me, I’m over 50, have multiple sclerosis, bone-on-bone arthritis and cannot drive because I sometimes lose muscular control. I don’t seem to have any marketable skills, anymore. I’ll run out of retirement to live on in a couple years, but right now, I could leave a nice little sum to my nieces. I have no wife or children.

    I’m on my way to buy a bottle of helium and some rubber hose.

  128. Cry

    Seriously considering because I am a coward. Constant third wheel who is “put up with”. Ngl but they wouldn’t notice if I wasn’t there, they’ll be pleased because I’m no longer in the way. One less person to bitch about behind their backs and be stared at. It would bring relief for both me and them and reduce the tension. Just had to get that off my chest. I’m not cut out for this kind of life, with no talent, no skills. The suffocation looks good though if you’re knocked out before hand.

  129. Is there a better way?

    I feel like my relationship has failed because of me. I’ve let so many people down in my life. I understand that doing this will cause much pain to those who love and care for me but I am alone. I’ve lost all motivation. I constantly try to think positive but I can’t and so I’m overwhelmed with negative thoughts. I never thought that I would come this far, thinking of ways to end my life and even going on the internet to google ways of doing it. I hope something miraculous happens or I fear I will be another life lost to suicide…

  130. No one in my life would care, i was a mistake so i wasent soppose to happen. Im 12 and my dad says 8th grades going to be the best 3 years of my life and everyone thinks im a fucking dumbass . I cant think of one person who would care if i die. My dad wont care my mom wont care my friends wont care even my grandparnts wont care cuase they care more about my stupid ass cosion. I have no reason to live im not good at shit and wont be for the rest of my lige which should be short. Everyone hates me and i only have 5 real friends and they dont even want ro hang out with me. Iv nearly died about 6 times. One was when i was sitting on the bluffs and nerly fell to my death. And the other five are from cars nearly hiting me. So what do i have to live for if im no good to anyone. I live upstaires and have a fan that i can hang from. So goodbye brayden my little bro and my parents who dont give a shit about me like everyone else

  131. People say its not as bad as you think well this time it is

  132. It's s battle everyday

    Live to fight another day, pray and hopefully everything will be okay, it’s a battle everyday but where built to win we can do it we just need to have a little faith on ourselves even if nobody else does, we are stronger than we think we are so let’s be patient & try to think positive, I know how it feels to constantly have negative thoughts but taking your own life is not the answer, we have to practice erasing that thought as it enters our minds and replacing it with a positive no matter how deep and dark the pain we can overcome it, it’s a mental battle remember that anything is possible it’s just whispers from the devil trying to catch us out when we have hit rock bottom so recognise and let’s fight from within fight our evil thoughts with good which is much more powerful, the less we think about it the less power it has over us fight to live another day. One love peace Stay strong people

  133. Why bother

    thought of suicide since I was ten like what ten year old I tried drinking car Enginecleaner I tried basically everything under the sink and nothing. That’s when I started jaywalking hopping to get hit by a motor vehicle hell as a kid I’d hitchhike hoping to get killed that way but no one would ever stop. I even went to see a counsellor for two months that wasn’t working so I stopped going. I’m out of ideas anyone got any ideas

  134. tbh

    Im to the point where for years I have thought about suicide. its slowly becoming more and more attractrive. Especially through the current heartbreak and strife. I do not want to put my kids through the pain however ny want to die is more than the above.

  135. roy

    im tired of this misery. i want to die already. im going to poison myself. b no one cares about me at all. they abandoned me.. goodbye

  136. Nodesire

    I am totally depressed man.. i think i have psycotic depression… i lost all desires in my life.. i am thinking about suicide almost all time but can’t able to act on it.. someone help me to commit suicide secretly .. cant able to help myself

  137. i should die

    i feel like suicide because i made my mum drop out of her university coarse. she was meant to be travelling o india for 2 months but being the fucking stupid asshole that i am, i lied about a fucking shirt and said it was mine instead of her saying she bought it for me.i fucking hate myself because I’ve done this like hundreds of times and this time she snapped and know we have no fucking income and we are going to be broke af. i am fucking scared of myself. help. it doesn’t get better then this for fuck sake. i hate my life, myself, my body, my soul, my personality and my everything. I’m lucky I’m even writing this because i could’ve given up to god but then i realise i have wonderful friends and amazing memories. i love my dogs, and i would kill anybody who would try to hurt them. i just don’t know if I’m the monster or if its just my age.

    * female, 11, year 7, australia*

    please somebody help me

  138. Sad1

    Forced to have an abortion that I don’t want to daddy just don’t care,my family only cares about there status in society and not my feelings.
    I love my fetus I want to die with it actually it’s my baby.
    Tell me if there is a reason why I should want to live anymore?I believe in God but regardless of my prayers he’s just not answering.Dont I deserve to be happy?when will I ever find joy that will last?am I the worst siner or human on earth?I want to take my life but too scared so I sincerely pray that when I go for this abortion something goes wrong and I mean extremely wrong just so I can die with my baby.
    God I challenge you to take your lives (my. Baby and i)back we tired of being here.

    • listen UP @ sad1, If i am to share my own encounter with you, you will give your self a second thought. my father has disown me, and has thrown me completely of sight because I have consumed all his resources trying to treat me of a sickness ,I am a believer but nothing is working out atall, I know dat one day I will be with the lord,but not by killing my self.
      your own situation is quite easy and common,I personally have two friends whom have exactly thesame encounter as yours and they made the right choice of not taking there life , you won’t believe this ”YOU ARE BLESSED ”,but you will understand this when you survive this depression Cos am sure you will survive it..!

    • listen UP @ sad1, If i am to share my own encountmer with you, you will give your self a second thought. my father has disown me, and has thrown me completely of sight because he has consumed all his resources trying to treat me of a sickness ,I am a believer but nothing is working out atall, I know dat one day I will be with the lord,but not by killing my self. your own situation is quite easy and common,I personally have two friends whom have exactly thesame encounter as yours and they made the right choice of not taking there life , you won’t believe this ”YOU ARE BLESSED ”,but you will understand this when you survive this depression cos am sure you’ll survive it..!

  139. Anonymous

    What do you do when the person who’s supposed to care for you, rapes you? Physically and emotionally?

    • Stressed

      You seek God, find a church home, read the bible, get involved in a ministry, one of the hardest things for me to do “Forgive”, pray, be productive to keep your mind busy, work out maybe to keep your body busy. Hang in there Champ

  140. I think I want to kill myself, don’t see the point of life, I’ve tried pills but didn’t take enough, but the time is coming and, it’s going to happen in the next few days, and nobody even cares, that’s the point nobody cares!!!!!!

  141. Joanna

    I feel like a failure, I hae exams now and no motivation to study.. my parents spend so much money on my schooling and extra lessons.. i feel bad for not doing well.. they would do so much better money wise if I wasn’t around .. I know they would be heartbroken if something happened to me and I can’t bear the thought of losing them but I feel that disappointing them will be worse

  142. Virginia

    “I meant to write about death, only life came breaking in as usual”

  143. Em

    I’m 13 and I want to die. My life is a living hell. What’s a painless way to die

  144. Anonymous

    My dad commit suicide, I’ve just got more bad news, I want to commit too.

    How do I do it. I don’t want to mess around with methods that might not work. I want something that will work.

    • Pos

      How did ur dad do it? That worked for him so why u asking how he already told you how.

  145. We can help

    We will help. Contact us and you can explain everything. Tell us what you want and we can help. Our contact is

  146. James

    If Gun Shot is upgraded to grenade explosion under the chin, will that be more effective and less risk of surviving?

    • Pos

      You have grenades? Do you have a machine gun or know someone that does that would be willing to take me out and anyone else that wants in? I’ll pay the person no problem there.

  147. Somebody


  148. To be honest

    Those who share there suicidal thoughts and say that they will suicide or do anything to themselves are least bothered on attempting it…. They will just that I’m going to suicide but they wont act on it!

  149. Pat

    For those who say “don’t do it!”, relax. Humans in general are heard animals and want to help one another, but sometimes the best way to help is to let Darwinism play out. Some of the people here will not feel better again, some will always wish for something else.
    Personally I have been thinking about going out for almost 10 years, I have my good days, but not often.

  150. Suicidal girl

    I think about suicide all the time
    The only thing stopping me is finding the best method to use
    And I’m scarred…
    But I feel I won’t have to deal with life if I end it…

  151. Joanna

    I want to die. A lot of people will wonder why since I have such a beautiful family. But that’s the problem, my beautiful family has a flaw, and that would be me.

    Some would speculate that I don’t love my family enough to stick around, but that’s not my logic. See, I’m a mediocre mother and wife at best. I stifle my son. I’m a horrible teacher because I have learning disabilities that make teaching unnaturally hard. He has no friends because I don’t have any friends. I’m not fun and exciting. I hinder my husband. If it wasn’t for me he would have a healthy social life. Besides, he deserves to have someone in his life that will catch his eye and make him smile and laugh. Someone who is positive, motivated, and a hard worker. Someone who can help with the finances. Someone who is a fantastic cook and maid.

    I am none of these things. I’m a financial drain. I’m a black hole. I am literally worthless. I don’t need anyone to argue the point. I’m at peace with it, but I also realize I’m not doing anyone or anything any good by being here. A lady always knows when she needs to bow out and take her leave. I’m ready to go.

  152. Fucked

    Dont know what to do
    Cant decide
    Need to free myself
    Anyone help?

    • Danielle

      Please let us know if you are still here…k? I too have tried in the past. please whoever is out there please email me so i can try and help. im not a counselor by now means, but my life experiences has qualified me.

  153. shil

    if I consume 15-20 pain relief tablets and a syrup then can I die???

  154. a man who want to die

    i want to die man, why should i be alive, there’s no point in it, wasting resources, i’m not einstein, just a dumbfuck who could even forgot his exam days, good things in hong kong there are lots of buildings, perhaps before i die i can play bungy jump for real

    • Danielle

      you are not a dumb fuck., please think twice about this. i may be too late but if i am not please rethink this over. i will be glad to talk to you., i have tried myself. i am depressed now.

  155. Ben

    I’m 19, unemployed for 7 months and can’t find a job, feel useless, have no real friends left, can’t stand life and don’t see the point in why i’m here, the only thing keeping me alive is the overwhelming guilt of suicide because unfortunately for my need to die, I have a mum, dad and brother who love me and would probably all blame themselves if I did kill myself. As selfish as this seems, I am slowly and perposfully being a dick to all of them so when I end it, they don’t care and I can die with peace of mind.

  156. J

    I want to commit suicide because this girl I love doesn’t love me back.

    • Stressed

      Hey man,
      I’ve been there. I know that you don’t want to hear me say that you can get through this but its the truth. Love is two-sided. You cant expect someone to love you just because you love them. Only Gods love is un-conditional. Really. There is a Wonderful church that I go to called “The R.O.C.K.” here You can be taught about the un-conditional love of God and his kingdom. You are sure to feel love and to get a few laughs. Think about it. The Church is located @ 9321 Edgebrook
      Also you could view the extraordinary experience online @ on Sunday morning at 10, Sunday night at 7, or Weds at 7p.m. one love. Hang in there

  157. Suicidal girl

    What kind of pills do I use to kill myself? And how many?
    I want it to be as quick as possible

    • BetterOffDead

      Suicidal Girl.. Joanna.. Fucked.. Ben…

      I don’t know why none of my comments are posting..
      but I couldn’t relate to all of you any more than I do.

      I’ve been googling how many pills it would take-
      I just don’t think its the best route.
      People have taken over 100 and lived- but with serious side effects.

      And I am reading that it is very painful

  158. BetterOffDead

    “I think about suicide all the time
    The only thing stopping me is finding the best method to use
    And I’m scarred…
    But I feel I won’t have to deal with life if I end it…”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    I think tonight might be the last day on earth for me.. I’m just so scared to do it.
    What if I try, and fail?

  159. BetterOffDead

    Suicidal Girl- I’ve been googling for the past hour about how many pills it would take.

    I don’t think this is the best way to do it..
    its very unclear how many it would take-
    plus I am reading that it is extremely painful…
    with so many side effects

  160. BetterOffDead

    Joanna.. I am my beautiful family… AND my friends black sheep.
    They all have the perfect life.. I just can’t seem to figure out mine.

    I read that as long as my Insurance Policy has been over 2 years- at least my beneficiaries would get paid if I committed suicide.

  161. BetterOffDead

    I am so sorry everyone on here ijs in pain too. I feel for you ..God be with you all.

  162. BetterOffDead

    Why won’t any of my comments post?????????

    Suicidal Girl… Johanna… Fucked.. Ben …. God bless you all.
    No one can relate more to your pain as I do now.

  163. Cruise

    I am 22 and my partner has left me and left me a note witch has bought me to the hardest emotional pain I need to talk to someone who has had the same i have attempted suicide before yet only to land me in hostpitle I have now considered as I am here at the kitchen table. Ending the pain and my last resort is someone to talk to please

  164. Pishpendra Bairagi

    Which types of medicines are best for quick suicide? plz tell me for available in indian market easily

  165. karly

    I always waned to kill my self since i was 10. i hated the fact that i was living the life i had and when i turned 13 even worse. the only thing that stopped me was little hope that maybe things will get better but now hat im 19 i can’t any more. im tired of feeling the same year after year. now i just want to fall asleep one night and never wake up. its crazy how i can smile at the thought of being dead and not alive. i think its time. everyone will cry for 2 to 3 months then things will turn over and better for all. i deserve to be happy too. so me being dead is what makes me happy then so be it.


    i am paraplegic and have multiple problems

  167. Fartoogone

    Sometimes those who say they won’t hurt us… Hurt us the most. Those who say trust me… Break promises the most. Some tell just distract yourself but everywhere we look something triggers us. We loose a battle against ourselves. It is messed up some take it a joke than a reality. Because o people like those
    We hurt.

  168. dash

    I can relate to those suffering souls who want to commit suicide. It’s not that people really WANT to die- it’s that they don’t want to be in such horrible pain. If it was just depression I could handle it but it’s become physically painful as well. It’s just difficult to fight back when the pain comes at you from both sides- physically and emotionally. I wonder what is the point of this life? Why do some people get to be happy while others can’t catch a break and only wind up afflicted with gut-wrenching pain? I just worry about what really happens when we die? I know many people believe you will wind up in Heaven and many people say you will wind up in Hell. No one really knows for certain though so nothing can be proven. And you don’t want to mess up your suicide attempt and wind up in a worse situation than you were already in. I’ve seen people who tried to blow their brains out but only wound up living with part of their faces blown off. Also seen failed OD’s and failed hangings. Seems like the only sure way to go would be to find a deep body of water and tie a cement block to your feet then jump in letting the weight carry you down. Everything else seems to have the potential to not get the job done. Suicide like abortion should be legally made “safe and legal.” There should be ‘black beauties’ available in real life for people who have tried everything and just can’t take the pain anymore. I know it is painful for those left behind but I would never want my loved ones to suffer just for my sake. THAT is being selfish.

  169. WhyEvenLiveAnymore

    Every day I contemplate suicide, life really ain’t worth living, all this racism, crime, hatred, ignorance, and worst of all the family drama, I can’t take it anymore, I deeply hope there’s no heaven or hell, the though of suicide not being the end of it, terrifies me, may this serve as my suicide note, not that anyone cares.

    • Stressed

      Heaven and hell is real my friend. If you commit suicide you will go str8 to hell where their will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. The bible says so. Visit my church on Weds night at 7p.m. whenever you are available. Here you will learn about the kingdom of God and his love towards you. 9321 edgebrook in Houston is the Location. You could also stream in at hang in there

  170. “People who want to Suicide are just Angels that want to go home”

  171. GG

    I have a degree in microbiology and have not had any luck at finding a job for a couple of years now. My wife continues to remind me about that. My step-kids hate me and don’t want anything to do with me. They seem to forget that I was the one who pushed them through private schools and on to Ivy league universities, not to mention helped pay for most of the tuition. I have no real ties to the world, no children of my own and I am an atheist. So for me, if I can not longer contribute to the my family, not that they would care, and can’t seem to get my career jump started, then it’s time for me to return to organic matter. My wife has a big 50th birthday party next month, I will be around for that as I don’t want her to have a dark cloud on the event, but that will be my last good time. I am working on my microbe cocktail, I can handle the injections and I should pass in a few days. It may be a bit painful but I have enough synthetic morphine to keep that pain under control. My wife will be out of town on business so that will give me a week that I need to complete the task and prepare my legal documents concerning my possessions. She will get enough insurance money to keep her happy and I will no longer be the “dead” weight in the family. This should help restore the financial balance that is greatly needed.

    • Dustin

      Most policies won’t cover suicide. Any, I’m pretty sure..

  172. mat

    Im 24 years old gay living in a society which does not accept it very well. My dad passed away some time ago, i have no friends i can share my feelings with, my mom wont even have a conversation with me. I have a good job but my colegues like to pick on me. Im not a suicidal type but i have lost all meanings to my life. What kind of life is it without a purpose, without someone you can live it for.

  173. Tara

    I have been forced into a marriage. Now he’s being detained because we failed interview and he and his friends are putting pressure on me to go to court with him. I feel pushed to the edge and I think dying is the only way out. I don’t know what the best way to do it is. I don’t want to die even though I have suffered depression and bi polar for years, which I guess why I was so easily manipulated as I removed my self from my friends. My only way out if this is to die

  174. I want everyone to know that I know what it is to hurt so deeply and so intensely down inside that you don’t believe you can face even one more day in this world. From 2008 to 2014, I went through a divorce, lost my job, my home, my career, my mother, to whom I was very, very close, was raped, was homeless, and survived leukemia. I have thought of killing myself many, many times. The one thing that keeps me from pulling the trigger whenever I have put my 9mm Glock under my chin is the memory of my mother and father. They raised me to equal to any and all challenges that may come in this life. So if I were to kill myself, I would be letting them down. Even though they’re dead, I would still be rejecting and betraying the memory of their love and the example they set for me. The safety’s been off; my finger’s been on the trigger. The barrel’s been pointed right under my chin towards the back of my head. But I can’t pull. I love my parents too much. I just couldn’t let them down.

  175. Apathy

    The only thing stopping me from killing myself is the fear of more pain. Like there is no way i can think of cutting myself cause to me that would hurt a lot. To damn scared to kill myself seems sad.

  176. Mom

    If someone wanted to kill me and take all the money I have in my wallet I would really appreciate it.

  177. 14

    I’m 14. I’ve had 3 unsuccessful suicide attempts. This site will really help next time though! Thanks! <3

  178. craiser

    i want to commit sucide because my girlfriend leave me and i love her a lot.

  179. Mishi

    M so lonely person…i dun hav any frnz nd my love is left me…my family is not understand me…i feel sad evrytime…plz suggest some things

  180. elizabeth

    thanks for the information. i cant continue like this anymore i think i have to do it.

  181. elizabeth

    Am really going crazy with my life, all my life have finally turn to zero point. Men are full of lies and deceit, no one to trust in family, no friends, no more job to live on, no future, all door close, is just as if no way out. At 29 years with no plan for future. Am happy i came across this site, and i can easily choose how to die with less pain. Just worried how my dad will cope, and if there is really Hell existence, because am sure i will go straight there for killing myself. But I cant take it no more. Have had a enough of crying day and night. Am going for it.

    • Nobody

      I feel like I am also going to hell for killing myself. But If you are going to do it, you should read THIRTEEN REASONS WHY. You should make THE WHOLE WORLD hear how you always felt when you did something for them and you never got a favor back. Im sorry if no one wants to stop you but Thank you for triyng to live a happy life when you couldn’t. Even though I dont know you, I wil miss you. Hopefully you go to heaven with God and live a happy life with him. Good bye:-(

  182. I Want To Suicide :'(

  183. Lindy

    Exit Bag or Gun.

    I’m in England and unsure where I can get a gun or harmful enough toxins to force me unconscious whilst suffocating myself.
    Anyone with any ideas?

  184. Nobody

    There is no point for me to be here. I am just used for comfort but when I need it, no one helps me. I have tried many ways to take the thoughts of suicide but nothing will help me. No one understands my situations that go on at home. My father went to prision for two months, mother is the only one who helps me, my brothers hate me, I feel friendless, the Teachers always yell at me and I tried to drown myself but ended up in the hospital. Its as if death doesnt want me to die. All I am asking you guys who I just barely meet in here, YOU all have a purpose. I dont. Dont kill yourselfs because God has a purpose for you all. I dont have a purpose at all. So please giys. Live on a happy lige. Just comment me ways to die the less painful ways to die beacause I want for EVERYONE in the world to remmember me the way I always I wanted to help everyone and not give them shit. I want for people to remmember me as the girl who gave people birthday presents in middle school. Remmember when I used to smile before I got a broken heart. Remmember how I always made them smile. But I never got those things. So please guys, live on a happy life, give me those ideas, and I will see you all soon. :-(

  185. Yall keep saying think about your family but wat if your family is the reason you want to kill yourself wat if they never stop bugging u about one thing and u tell them how you fell. what if your parents are split up u can’t talk to both of them.

  186. Now that i think about im not doing this bc im that type of person that wont give im not a quitter and i play sports (football)
    and people have told me i have the talent the hard work to make it the NFL. One season i was with a coach i was the smallest dude on the field but the smartest i weight 94lbs on a varisty team. He told my dad that he thinks i can win the Heisman trophy.
    Now i will never give up. i want everyone to know whos thinks about doing this dont do it. BECAUSE U CAN DO SOMTHING VERY VERY SPECIAL IF U KEEP YOUR LIFE. if u dont listen to me then your losing all that hard work u done and thrown it away

    stay strong DC

  187. Sue

    Life is tough right now. I have all the money I need, I just have no one in the world that loves me. It’s a sobering thought really. No, I have no problems with drugs, alcohol, or anything like that. I just want someone to care and love me. And someone that I can care and love. So as Holy Week is now upon us, this Canadian woman is reaching out. And I’m old. Too old for people to care anymore. 58 and alone.

    • Sue
      I know how you feel. I too am alone and old 68. In England. I too have enough money and have no alcohol or drugs problems but the best of life is over. I am reaching out to you as a friend.

      • I also want but there is our loss life is very big Just pass this time ..gud time also will come wait …as I m doing try to b happy.

    • Sac

      Hi, Sue I am ready to help.I have been lonely throughout my life and i know what it feels to be feels to be lonely and having no one to care around.Please let know me how can help.

      • Sac

        Sorry for my last post, i just got emotional and misplaced some words…But that doesn’t matter..just let me know if there is anyway i can help….

  188. Anon

    I just want a painless death 19 years old and I do not want to be here. It hurts so much tired of it all

    • its been along time coming and time now to get busy dying-but uneducated as to where to legally purchase a guaranteed chemical, that i can leave at this moment to buy. what chemical name? And the store name? In a desperate hurry!!!!Any ideas?? thanks

  189. anon

    all anons feel the same way, huh?

  190. no name

    I want to end it all life is horrible y live it

    • Faceless

      Do not perceive yourself as, worthless. Perceive everything as, pointless.
      Conciousness of self, is life. Ceasing to sustain self conciousness is to die.
      What we do to our body’s, how we live our lives, how our lives affect others, in the end, never truly matter.
      We are all faceless beings, who all become nothing more than memories, and eventually, forgotten.
      Being forgotten, is as though we had never existed to begin with.

      Be content in knowing that, nothing, truly matters. Everything fades away with time, even memories.

  191. null

    Im ready now to leave this life

  192. Negative Enthusiast

    i am addicted to self-loathing and self-harm, i am constantly confused as to why it is i am still living. i have had many opportunities to end it all but everytime i have attempted to, i fail. i hate all of the people that i spend my life with, i suppose it will make it easier for me to killl myself, my hatred for all of the people around me isolates, disconects me making it easier for me to leave it all behind. Kurt Cobain had the wright idea, fuck everyone and everything all off and die, i wish i could end it all in the same way that he did but i live in england so i have no access to a shotgun. i have decided to end my life with an alchohol overdoseto i will die drunk but slightly happy. Goodbye.

  193. me

    all great suggestions, but what do you do with the nitrogen or helium? Does it just need to be in the Room? How much? I don’t want to be coming back for tips on what I did wrong…:(

  194. Shivam

    My Parents never understand me
    they understand me an idiot
    they never give me who I want
    now at this time I am 17
    my parents are pressering me to earn money when no company has select employee under 18
    they always hooting me
    they never understand my feelings
    and now I want to die
    please tell me a way which using I can do socide with piece and painless…,.,……………………..
    my mail id is following

  195. Jowie

    Im thinking of letting go this torture on earth…though scared hw

  196. Autumn

    I don’t know what I want to do. I want to go through with it because in the end I don’t care about what my family thinks because it’s not like they support or want to help me stop this. And nobody from school would care so taking my life seems like something I should do. I just don’t want to suffer anymore.

  197. uknown

    i tryed to take one and failed i dont how much i can take anymore

  198. Madi jo

    I am going to kill myself after i write this! because i am a waste of time and space i was born in the wrong time and the wrong place

    • Madi jo don’t do that!

  199. just do it if that’s what you want ppl sck

  200. sithagu mushathoni

    I need a fastest way to die

  201. anonymous

    I want to die but I don’t have any of these weapons of some sort I tried to kill myself but failed. Anyone have something to kill yourself quickly cuz I don’t think I can live longer

  202. nina

    i never get what i want confused sick no money pressure from college and family heartbreak poverty restlessness the more i think about me less meaning it has. life is worthless meaningless i don’t want to kill my self but hope someone does it for me i don’t want for people to know i committed suicide i want it to look natural death. please help

  203. ...

    I Don’t have gun, another fast-easy method ???

  204. ...

    I don’t have gun, another fast-easy way…?

  205. spastic

    Anyone have an idea what chemicals to take or other possible preparations to make sure one dies during surgery / does not come back from general anaesthesia so it does not look like suicide… ? And also, is it now a myth that one dies through blowing air into ospasticnes veins, through the IV tube or such? Has anyone tried it? Would be an interesting way to contribute to my ‘accidental’ death during/after surgery.

    • Leo

      Why do want to ruin the others peoples live. I know you want to end yours and that why you are here like we others. But ruin doctors and health peoples live, carer and families. Dont try suicide and let innocent people take blame of your death, there family and loved ones. If you do it, do it with proud not selfish. But I hope you can find help, talk to therapy or closed friend or helpline and remember in most case there will be some hart Brocken if you committee suicide, even mine but my problem isn’t about them and little complicated. I am aloner with financial problems and in the end of one way roads, stuck and no way around. several years down way and I am really in bad situation and no income. It is no way out. really

    • Leo

      Why do want to ruin the others peoples live. I know you want to end yours and that why you are here like we others. But ruin doctors and health peoples live, carer and families. Dont try suicide and let innocent people take blame of your death, there family and loved ones. If you do it, do it with proud not selfish. But I hope you can find help, talk to therapy or closed friend or helpline and remember in most case there will be some hart Brocken if you committee suicide. Even in mine case, but my problem isn’t about them and little complicated. I am aloner with financial problems and in the end of one way roads, stuck and no way around. several years down way and I am really in bad situation and no income. It is no way out. really

  206. PugLife24

    The day after I could have been dead ( I was a coward and couldn’t pull the trigger ) I called my mother on the phone. I was sobbing and shaking. I told her what had happened and that I was in the hospital. She said to me ” I’ve got my own problems “. That was 8 years ago. She is dead now. Family sucks. Why should I worry about what other people think or how my family would feel if I died ? My older sister never grasped the intensity and severety of the fact that I bought a gun, almost killed myself and was in the psychiatric hospital. 2 months earlier I had called her, crying , because I was severely depressed. She lives in a different state. I cried and pleaded for her to come down to help me. I said ” You have to come down here. You have to come down here”. She never showed up. Like I said, family sucks. No one cares.

  207. when u feel ur life is end . u should think wht ur heart say thats final .

  208. call me , text me , I help a lot of people, 240 370 8145 , before you loose your mind, remember there is light at the end of each tunnel.

  209. Is this wrong to think about our carrier after marriage ?

  210. somu srinivasan

    I have faced many problems at my 23 years old guy my girl friend got engaged and office my team mates are irritating.. am not interested to live anymore..90438 90467 this is my chennai number..pls suggest me orelse i will die immediatly..but i want to long live to my family.. pls pls save my life.. daily night am trying to commit sucide..

  211. Britvet

    I am 57 years old, I met a beautiful girl when I was 19 right after a tour of duty, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I loved her with an intensity that could never be replicated, we got engaged but she broke up with me in a very hurtful way. I never stopped thinking about her even though I married, I went through a period of depression and contacted her parents 16 years ago, she met with me and I still felt the love I did before but she was married and living in the USA, it didn’t work out. About 6 months ago she contacted me and we chatted for hours and hours but she ended it again in another painful way, my wounds are all open again and they are bleeding, I am in physical, mental and emotional pain and I want it to be over………..that’s all I have to say.

  212. bobby

    the problem I have with death and the easy way out… Question?……..You are thinking about events of the past .. yes? Every day people will love you and hate you…. YES?
    Everyday those people are going to get on with their lives YES?
    SO WHY CANT YOU GET ON WITH YOURS? not every one is going to love you not everyone is going to hate you.. does it matter? I have learnt to only care to listen to the people who are going to look after my family after I die. If they they wont do I need to give a damn? think about it.. Time to man up YES……

  213. Stronger than hate

    Hello everyone. Im fourteen, and was living with my mum for 6 years up until the age of 12. My mother was a acolholic, Life was hard. She would often bash me, and cut herself. She would yell and scream, about my father(they broke up when I was 4 months old) and his life, about how he left her. Every single day i would come home, to this monstrosity. Wreaking havoc apon the cheap dump i called home(we where quite poor). I cryied alot, even now i shed a tear for those horrable years of my life, where i longed to end my worthless life. My entire family where drug addicts(some still are), and would put drugs before there family. Seeing as i was only around 8, there was nothing i could do. I was sad all the time, and was overjoyed when i could finally leave my hell to go to school. School was really bad too. I lived in the suburbs of melbourne, and there was many Arabic teenagers who would bash me at school. I was a overweight kid, and was often everyone’s punching bag. I was never happy at school or at home. There was always sharp objects laying around, knifes manly, and when my mother was asleep, i often stared at them considering slitting my wrists(at age 8). Eventually After another 4 years( of intense sadness) i told my mother i wanted to live with my father. And 2 months later i was moved to a town about 2 1/2 hours away. Things are great now, im happy to be alive. Things won’t always be like this my friends, if you continue to be in a sad mood. Then you won’t appreciate the happy things in life. “Put down the knife, and call someone who really cares about u” . Stronger then hate-

  214. Bob

    So many of you want to do it because of emotional reasons. But for me the problem is how deeply I value providing for my family and I can’t do it. Put simply, I spend more than I make after losing my job. This would be tolerable if I thought I did any good otherwise for my family, but my wife thinks I’m a loser. My broader family lives in St. Louis, so we don’t really see much of each other anyway. My wonderful son is the only person keeping me going, I think he loves me. I’m not good for anything except for being a companion for him. I wonder how much he would miss me. Wonder this every day.

  215. ****

    Life is finished…need help

  216. gary

    I’m so burned out tired apathetic and unmotivated. I don’t even have sex drive. What the fuk is wrong with me?

  217. gary

    I’m just a piece of worthless dung. I’ve wasted my life talents brains maybe. I just never trusted the world or myself. I never trusted myself in this world. The search is over.

  218. R Riggs

    I am alone in this world. My only wish is to die.

    • Marc

      I relate to you! I am alone too!

  219. hi I want to suicide as soon as possible ..I’m from India ..Hyderabad im tried overdose drug method and wrist cutting but its failed ..I’m by birth loser parents support friends ,no job .no any degree special skills .and I’m a bromhidrosis patient parents was very selfish my father already told me when I feel bore that’s y now u r hear …I’m helpless …and I don’t want any help to live .. I’m looking for suicide partner if any one can travel hear contact me ……7878909997 whatsap no …r direct text me but don’t call because I’m at roaming now and I don’t have balance

    • ross

      how would you do it rajesh, i really want to die dont want to go on

  220. josh

    I will die tomorrow and I will make everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  221. MADDY

    i have thought a bout suicide for a while and my family just keeps making me want to do it even more HELP ME

  222. Franz

    HI i am 22yrs old i have one daughter and i also married but not happy with my life i have a lots of problem
    repeatedly as always and i have mental health issues , problem with both parents , no job, no business and
    i think about myself useless person and my only wish is to die without any pain

    i think that
    Heaven and Hell is Life

  223. I am an old man who is thought to be a child molester every where I go. Yes I am depressed just as every body, but that does not stop me from living on. I still have a chance if I stop being a depressed dumbfuck. You should do that too if you are a depressed shit head. Go out! and if you are like me, we should hang out sometime and molest kids together. Molesters night out! If you are a depressed dumbfuck like me, then STOP IT. Using a stupid website does not get you anywhere. Your weak as fuck for using this web site. If you stop now, then there would be no point in calling YOU a weak depressed dumb fuck upside down retard. Yes Im lonely. Yes im hated. But I still have some friends. and that does not put me down.

  224. Babli

    Comment I have lost faith in life. My family says they are with me but when I want to live as per my interest and easiness, everything bullshit comes in like society, relatives, and then i am asked to continue to work in the same painful condition because then my family says what will others say. Everything is just superficial and it’s just coincidental that we are born to our parents, dats it. No body in this world can feel or help for your pain. so in order to let oneself free of this endless pain it’s better to end yourself. Anyways you are not living even being alive…….

  225. Thiago

    If you are looking for KCN (potassium cyanide), contact me. I have KCN for sale.

  226. Marc

    Thank you. I have decided on hanging myself. I would like to get more instruction on how to do it.

  227. Marc

    My comment is waiting for moderation. Wow! I am not sure if I can wait!

  228. The Real Meaning Of Life

    Now to stop the boring talking, I will tell you the true meaning to life.
    To ENJOY It.
    If you don’t enjoy it well, there’s where suicide comes in. What’s the point of living if you don’t enjoy it? There isn’t.
    Oh and just to tell you, no-one’s stopping you, It’s your choice.

  229. ayush

    i want to die so quickly without any pain….i dont want to live….i have no friends…no caring person….all are just selfish…..and bully me all time…plss tell me easiest way to die….thinking of drug overdose…..

  230. If you wanna do this for one or two reasons then don’t actually don’t do it at all..I wanna hide 24/7 I don’t hate everything or everyone and everyone doesn’t hate me..i had meds therapy sex drugs traveled ive loved I do love and whatever else is said to make happiness I’m tired of being tired since I can’t remember..there’s great things in my life but I’m hiding all day everyday..I’ve been planning this for 15 years and it’s time so have one question I’m going to fill my car with gas just how long might that take with the new model cars? I plan on drinking a bottle just wanna know etod???

  231. sooraj

    I want suicide with out pain and know to now how did this
    Pls help me ….❕

  232. vo

    I am a fucked up individual. I treated my husband so bad hurt him so much he fell in love with another woman. So in love that he wants her to be his wife. I won’t stand in the way of your happiness
    I am such a bad human being my children don’t even respect me. I’m just the drugged up pain in the ass to them. Well now you can live your lives. No more taking care of mama. Its funny all I ever wanted my whole life was to be loved. Truly loved like in the books and movies but that’s not real. My pop pop and my dad said I was unlovable. I didn’t agree. Thought I could prove them wrong. Now I know its true. I am definitely unlovable. How can someone love me, I don’t love me
    I cant even love myself. All I do is cause chaos, hurt, and pain. Everywhere i go. My mother said if I died I’d be doing the world a favor. I think she’s right. I know she’s right
    That would stop all my pain I feel and all the misery I cause. I’m nothing but a troublesome burden. And this is how I feel and what I know. No one made me feel this way or caused me to think this. Its my realization as I analyze my life. I have to leave in order to right the world. To stop the demon inside me. To everyone I hurt I am so sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me. I really wanted to be a good person. Sometimes thought I was. Now I know there is no good in me.

  233. david

    tonight i had to call the suicide hotline.

    this is my story: i’m fairly young still, but I’m having major medical problems and pain.

    The medical problem is pretty serious. I had surgery for it, and it was a disastrous outcome that made things worse, and the experience gave me trauma. Now things that probably seem minor to most people trigger massive depressive and even suicidal responses in me.

    I realize that story is short, sucks, and is jumbled, but I’m freaking out right now. Here’s an example of what I mean: tonight I noticed gum recession on my teeth, and it triggered a mania/panic attack and a violent suicidal panic response. This is probably not a normal response for someone who sees gum recession, but that’s how fragile I am. This seems to be a recurring theme. Every time I notice a medical problem worsening, my suicidal thoughts worsen along with them.

    I took out my gun to test putting it in my mouth, kind of how a shark does test bites before determining whether it wants to bite into prey. Unfortunately, it was locked, and my roommate is away and has the key. So I just fondled the case and put that in my mouth to at least get a feel for the process. Now I am experimenting with drugs, but I don’t think I have enough to kill myself. Just enough to probably mess me up and make the problem even worse.

    I hung up on the suicide hotline because they wanted personal information…so I assume they’d send an ambulance over and put me in a psych ward, and I don’t want the embarrassment of that, nor do I want to go down that path. I’d rather die than go to one of those places. That doesn’t mean I don’t want help. I do. I just don’t want that type of help. I want my heath back, and there is just no way that is going to happen. So I don’t have any realistic option to “get better”…

    The real problem is my heath issues. They are very bad, getting worse, have triggered PTSD, and now that PTSD very easily triggers suicidal thoughts, which are now slowly turning into actions. If you were longing to have your health, yet there is no way that can happen, what would you do? I used to be relatively happy and productive person. I am now falling apart due to the surgery, look awful, and am so traumatized I can’t function in society.

    My interests are all fading. Etc. It is the typical suicide path, and I know I will commit the act within a year or two if there is not a revelation or break through (I am not religious and find all religion stupid, so that isn’t an option). I was thinking of going to India to meditate with monks and gain perspective/wisdom, but being away from home also triggers massive panic right now. Does anyone have ideas on how to cope with trauma from a medical procedure? How to deal with watching your body fall apart due to what doctors did to it?

    Thank you.

  234. I’m not here to give out help or ask anyone to try and help me unless you want to go into the next life the same time as offense but I didn’t ask to hear about anyone else’s problems because I don’t care about your problems..I have everything setup and ready and this is a failure safe plan idk how people can live or say they’ve done this four times that’s obsurd and you obviously didn’t wanna do it so stop complaining and looking for sympathy. Again if anyone knows how long it might take if I sit in my car with a tube from my exhaust pipe with newer model cars??? Thanks this is called suicide not reply with your son stories sorry but I don’t care….

  235. Abhishek

    Iam going to cut my vain

  236. Thomas

    Are these the only ways? Coz I still can think of a couple of them which aren’t mentioned here.

  237. lei


  238. everyone says it would hurt your loved ones. don’t believe it for a second. they would feel badly and cry for a few days, maybe even a week, but in the end, life goes on and so will they and you will be forgotten. its a very lonely life.

  239. I have a boat. I just want to wrap myself up in all the anchor rope and chain tying myself up like a mummy and jump over. actually, the worst thing that can happen to any of us, we live and spend the rest of our miserable pathetic lives dreaming about suicide. living in torture is way worse than ending it all

  240. Didi

    I am fifty. I first contemplated suicide when I was five and the thought has never left me. It hasn’t gotten better with age, but I learned to live with the constant pain, the omnipresent knot in your stomach. The older I get, the more difficult the gesture becomes…I think we become more cowardly with age. I have at several occasions consulted psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists over the years but nothing constructive has come of it. They don’t seem to have understood that not everything comes through or is resolvable through language…how many entirely silent sessions I have had with these people. Antidepressants have however been effective… if looking for a glimpse of light and a chance at re-evaluating and reconsidering your outlook.
    Anyway, I can totally relate to most of you; I feel your pain and the frustration at not being able to go through with it. I agree with the one of you that wrote that we should have the right to end our life when we are ready, and without the danger of things going wrong. I think that if someone is ready to make that final gesture then s/he is ready to leave. And I’m tired of hearing this guilt trip about loved ones! When it’s your time, it’s your time no matter how that time is determined. Should one suffer his/her whole life so others don’t have face an inevitable loss? I do however find it sad and pathetic that we have created a society that produces such exclusionary situations and fosters such pain. I wish all this collective pain could be redirected in a constructive manner.

  241. kalai

    hey there.. I’m finding a way to live.. but I really can’t. can u help me

  242. Ron

    people say its a coward way out —actually its a very brave way out. No one knows the pain you are in and yes I agree–Fuck family. They don’t care no one knows what each person is going through–so don’t judge

  243. I care about all of you and would love to talk. I’ve been suicidal before and I understand the pain. Medication for my depression and excercise saved my life. Please talk to me.

  244. sunil

    I just want to get rid of this life as I can’t use what’s app,twitter,Facebook. my wife keeps vigil eye on me. even I am not flirting she comments me taunt me badly.
    everyday she checks my account msg box .just a single word hi or dear to friends is unbearable to her.I have deactivated all accounts even then she comments me.

  245. wishing I was dead

    I’ve been through so much…and honestly I dont want to be here. I’ve tried to commit suicide over 10 times…nobody really cared. Tells you how much people care about me. I have to take medicine for all of this but I just try to skip taking it. I will probably try to kill myself tonight because I’m a horrible person and honestly everyone hates me including my own parents and closest ”friends”. I try and be amazing but I cant. I stick out so much…I dont even like to be seen public. I usually stay at home and cut and then wish I was dead because I am a horrible. And I have to do a sport which males it even worse. I cant just wear long sleeves because then I’ll look suspicious. So everyone stares at all of my cuts and everything and I cant hide. I would go to the bathroom and stay there but eventually someone would come and get me. Yes I know this is so off topic… I cant even stay on top of a topic.. I’m just done with life…bye…

  246. dont wanna be alive

    Im cutting right now and I’m hoping that I cut an artery and bleed to death if that doesnt work then I have a noose all set and if I dont want to do that I have a gun right next to my side… I…need…help…

  247. numbnuts


    The most popular way of utilizing Carbon Monoxide (CO) inhalation is for a person to enclose themselves within a space with a car. The car’s engine must be running, as this will then fill the space with the poisonous gas CO. People opting to end their life this way should choose an older car, as newer cars are designed to emit much smaller amounts of CO.

    Alternatively, one could buy a tank of CO and attach a valve. Generally this takes around 15 minutes, although if there are exposed wires or light filaments in the proximity, an explosion may be caused – carbon monoxide is highly flammable.

    People who have survived this method of attempted suicide have usually been left with memory loss, psychosis or blindness.

    Try reading the info on the page you are on, numbnuts.

  248. Mukund Madhav

    Looks like the best way to suicides! Well what is stop to do that?

    You have a view? Damn it!What opinion can you possibly have? Global warming? OK, good luck changing the world. Population control?War? Ok, good luck stopping the $200 billion defense lobbying industry from having war.
    She/He should treat me better! I will say Again…best of luck.
    please read here:

  249. har prasad

    I want to suicide my family dont like me just my mother brother sister father told go and suicide or go away from home

  250. Sam

    I don’t want to suicide :v

  251. Alone

    Since the day I was born, I was unloved. My mother was married and had an affair and got pregnant with me. When her husband made her choose between me and him; she chose him. My brothers have their own lives and families. My husband beat me and did drugs and cheated on me with underage girls and ended up in prison. My children, that I raised on my own, don’t speak with me because they are too busy and, I feel, are ashamed of me. No call on my birthday, no call on Mother’s Day. Through all of this, ever did I drink or do drugs and haven’t to this day. I suffer in silence and don’t say anything to anyone. I work at a job where I work so very hard but feel completely unappreciated no matter what I do. I have now been remarried for almost three years. He makes me feel like I am nothing. He calls me names and makes fun of me when I cry. I do everything in the world for him and get nothing at all back; no affection and no concern. He tells me almost daily that he doesn’t want me. The only people that loved me in this world, my adoptive parents, are gone now. My dad died last August. My mom doesn’t know who I am (she has dementia and is a catatonic state). I am completely and utterly alone and every day I beg my God to let me die.

  252. deep

    My sister committed suicide in 2008..she exploited from her childhood by my mother..I am crying for whole of the life because of my mother..she is a heartless cruel lady..she is a bitch..people says parents are god on earth..but…my father can’t see anything except what my mom make him see..I fall sick 5 years back and still fighting mother made my life hell when I was sick..I given spent or invested everything I earned on my mother..but she made me cry even for the food for the medicine when I was on bed and was not able to stand up and go to office..

  253. Guys.dnt do it. We have our father JESUS CHRIST just pray for him wht is ur own problems. If you commiting suicide? You should regret.guys.everyone love you so much,first from god. PRAYING IS THE SOLUTION FROM OUR PROBLEMS.:-)

  254. mayur

    please tell me which drug stops the heart beat I want that drug please please help me guys to get out of this hell

  255. If you kill yourself what would be easier on your family doing it and letting someone find you so they have closer. Or tell them you’re going to go work and make your way but then fill a flat bottom boat with weight tie yourself to it and row out to sea

  256. Priyanka

    I can’t live anymore. Nobody want me to be with them. I have been feeling alone from the past years. Neither my family nor my love understands me. I don’t want to live anymore. Plz suggest some ways to die without pain.

  257. knowmadd

    Dear Humble Psychologist,
    I hope this is the right place to ask a question. If not oh well. I am a very depressed individual. I want to commit suicide. I have no way to do it at the moment as I have tried before and was unsuccessful. Two of those times were by overdosing. I will not try that again. It does work. Two other other times I wanted to shoot myself and by chance people intervened. I have been diagnosed with major recurrent depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and ADHD. In Colorado. I was getting treatment there and prescribed Welbutrin, clonazepam, temazepam, and vyvanse. I moved to FL last month. I deeply regret it. I had medicaid in CO but do not qualify in FL. No expanded medicaid here. Vyvanse, clonazepam, and temazepam are tightly controlled here. Hard to get. Vyvanse and clonazepam help. Of course they do not fix everything. I am trying to get treatment like I had in CO. Without medicaid it is very hard to get. I want quality care. There are county mental clinics that are awful. They do not prescribe vyvanse or clonazepam. They do not care either. I do not want care there but it is all I can afford. I believe it will not work. Also without clonazepam and vyvanse I will have withdrawals which would make my depression even worse. Again they do not care. I asked if they would help me come off my meds safely. They said they don’t do that. I need my meds and QUALITY care. With no insurance it is pretty much impossible. Florida is terrible in healthcare. I fear the future. I wish I could go back to CO. At least I would get good mental care there. No one knows I am suicidal and that I think about it all the time. Also very high anxiety. It makes everything worse. I do not feel I can work. I have applied disability but do not think I will get. I do not have a psychiatrist. I cannot afford a good one. I may have to go to the clinic which is the worst I’ve ever seen. It will get me a psychiatrist but I do not feel they will be supportive of my disability claim. They also did not diagnose me with ADHD. A therapist did my diagnosis. Plus I won’t be able to get the meds that actually do help. There’s a waiting list for therapist s. I do not know what to do or what will happen. I cry everyday and worry constantly. I rarely leave my room cuz my anxiety is too high. Even around my family. They and every human being causes anxiety. These are the reasons I feel I cannot work. Or do anything for that matter. I have had these mental issues since I was young. I’ve been getting treatment since 19. I am 35. I feel if I haven’t gotten better by now they never will. I do not want to live. I find no pleasure in life. My situation only makes it worse and I feel it will only get even worse. If I do not get the right help I will not be here much longer. Don’t know what to do. I feel helpless and hopeless. Please help if you can Humble Psychologist. Thank you.

  258. heena

    I always live depressed and keep finding the ways and opportunities to suicide, whenever my parents would leave me alone for quite some time I would suicide by eating poison

  259. I want to kill my self and when I think of my family it get worse because my family is the reason why I want to kill myself

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