suicide screenings

Suicide Screenings: Helpful or Not?

suicide screeningsSuicide is quickly ascending to a leading cause of death nationwide, and the latest statistics indicate that primary care physicians are not likely to be much help in neither the identification of suicidal tendencies in patients nor the prevention of the act – particularly in adolescents.

Back in 2004, the US Task Force decided not to recommend routine suicide screenings, and the updated recommendation is not much different. They conclude that although screenings could be helpful in identifying suicidal patients that there is still no evidence that they aid in the prevention of the act itself.

Recent Facts About Suicide Screening and Prevention

In preparation to make fresh recommendations for or against routine suicide screenings by doctors, the US Preventive Services Task Force’s reviewed 56 published studies conceived from 2002-2012. Their overall assessment finds several interesting markers.

  • Implementing primary care suicide screening tools might effectively identify adults needing treatment but appear to have limited ability to detect such in youths.
  • 38% of adults and 90% of adolescents who attempted suicide had visited their physician during the prior year.
  • Psychotherapy reduced the risk of a second attempt in 32% of high-risk adults while no significant benefits are noted in adolescents.

There is Still Help Out There for Our Youth

If you are a youth or the parent of one, these statistics might not give you the best impression initially. However, these figures don’t mean that youths cannot be helped – or that they cannot help themselves – and it certainly doesn’t imply that one needs to become an adult before trying to seek help to find success. It only reinforces the idea that those closest to someone with suicidal thoughts can become the true heroes concerning identification and prevention.

Case and point – if you or someone you know needs a suicide screening, seek expert assistance from a mental health professional rather than relying upon a general physician to make the call.

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16 thoughts on “Suicide Screenings & Our Youth

  1. living dead

    Suicide is my destiny

    • Liz

      But why God put us on this Earth for a short amount of time for ministry and to decouple to others and tell them of how much God loves us and that he has a plan for all! It’s said in the bible that life is but a vapor and heaven is forever…… It is also in the bible( Gods guideline for life) in Jeremiah 29:11 it said ” For I know the plans that I have for you declares The Lord plans to prosper you not to harm you, but to give you a future and a hope.. So rely on Jesus Christ don’t take your life…. Go down a different path it will all be ok .. Trust me I know I almost took my life but then I found Christ and I’m on a much better path now

  2. I want to die a swift and a painless death,this world is full of vices and everybody trying to harm one another,and as everybody is treating me very badly for that I want to end my life instantly,please help me to suggest how could I do this…..

  3. I want to die a swift and painless death,this world is full of vices and everybody is trying to harm one another,and as everybody is treating me very badly for that I want to end my life instantly,please help me to suggest how could I do this…..

  4. living hell

    Suicide is something a person don’t want to choose by own but destiny choose for him , I wanna live a happy life but someone take away my life from me and the time after that I face is horrible and just made my life a pain for me…. wanna die soon help pls , please please.

  5. sunil rajpurohit

    I want die

    • Rania Reshuan

      Why are you saying that?

  6. Ali

    I want to die more than anything. Just leave it all behind me. The way I see it is death is a sleep without tears.

    • Understanding Friend

      I couldn’t agree more. Suicide takes all the pain away and you don’t have to feel any pain ever again.

  7. I wanna die really bad i have my mind set on it but i dont know how i was thinking about over soar pls someone help

  8. Someone plzz help me too….i wnt a swift n painless death..

  9. Violet Allison

    I’m only 13 1/2 and and already have a suicide plan…

  10. suicide

    I wanna die just over a stupid boy and I just can’t stop loving him

  11. George

    I want to die. I have no purpose on this planet. Anyone know swift and painless methods?

  12. Understanding Friend

    I just want to die peacefully and without pain. Someone tell me the best option. The thing is I’m only 16 and can’t always get my hands on the tools that are needed.

    • Elisa

      Hey, I have been doing research for awhile now and I personally think jumping in front of a train is the best option. It’s quik and you don’t have to buy medications or a gun, and your family won’t be the ones who will find you. If you want to talk you can always dm me on ig: @froot505 or snapchat me: arctic.marina

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